Four Things

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

 Today, I'm excited for change. Four new things!

1). Tony and I sat down last week and identified some areas of our relationship and family life that could use some attention. Starting with Tony waking up at the same time, relatively, as I do, to begin our day together. We're hoping to get to the point that we can both happily be up in time for breakfast and devotional time together. This morning I successfully scrambled some eggs before running out the door, but it's a work in progress!

2). I bought some Suave dry shampoo at Target yesterday and I'm so stoked to see how it works for me. My hair has gotten ridiculous to manage this winter and I'd love to wash it less!

3). Another vain purchase, but I bought some Clear Eyes redness relief. With the lack of sleep going on in our house my eyes have barely appeared blue, but much more of a soft pink and are crazy bloodshot. No matter what concealer or highlighter I use, I can't shake the "mother of two and pregnant" tired look, but having bright whites of my eyes does seem to help!

4). My Mom told me about this trick on pinterest and we'll see how it all shakes out, but basically for shoes and boots that are worn without socks, you put a pantyliner in to absorb the moisture so they don't get terribly smelly.


Unknown said...

If you sweat a lot you can also stick a panty liner on the inside of a jacket to absorb the sweat. I do it sometimes if im wearing a jean jacket or suit jacket!

LC said...

Oh my gosh...great idea. I will be putting a panty liner in my Toms this spring ;)

Jill said...

Getting up together and getting things rolling in the morning... together is HUGE at our house. If one stays in bed it messes everyone up and the system just doesn't work.

The panty liner thing is genius. I love this idea... I'm going to have try this!

And the red eyes... so sorry about that... hopefully sleep happens more and more often for you, soon!


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