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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#30weeks and it's crunch time! Just 10 weeks or less until we meet our Baby Sweets. Let's hope she's easily named when we set eyes on her! #pregnant #pregnancy #babybump #babysweetsbabybump #bumpstyle #maternityootd #thirdtri #3rdtri #icantquitblue
How far along: 30 weeks. [30 with Ezra, 30 with Isaac]

How big is baby: Head of cabbage, 15.7 inches and almost 3 pounds.

Weight gain/loss: 19lbs. 

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any.
Sleep: Again, the issues are primarily with the boys, opposed to a pregnant mama. Ezra is having a really hard time staying down and we’re having a really hard time getting him down without him coming to bed.  I seem to just be keeping what I wrote the week prior and adding on. The pelvic pain that started last week has continued quite strong and is waking me up hourly.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Meh, none of the above. Still eating paleo and loving sweet potato hash with over medium eggs, but that’s pretty much the only notable.

Movement: I’m feeling hourly movement now.
What I'm loving: That hockey season is almost over.

Symptoms: My pelvic pain is the only predominant symptom . . . or it’s just the absolute worst and is blocking out all other mild symptoms. I just keep thinking about Tony’s grandma and how she had 13 children! I’ve been so blessed to have kind pregnancies on my body and yet, man, this is awful. I expected the pelvic pain after she arrived, this whole during the pregnancy is really throwing me for a loop.

What I'm looking forward to: I’m really starting to daydream about this little one and actually envisioning what this will look like.

Best moment of the week: I might just be holding out on this one. I hope there’s a better moment to this week than what I’ve already experienced. Tony and I are right in the thick of hockey season. He’s been going virtually nonstop since we returned home from the Wisconsin Dells. He works his 9-5 and then heads to the rink, wherever it might be. If we’re lucky he pops in to say hello after work, and then he’s not home until the boys are in bed and I’m moments away from sleep myself. But, it will end soon.

How I’m feeling: I’m probably a little more discouraged than I was last week, but I think it’s just par the course. I found out the dates that my MW will be gone last Friday and I wasn’t happy, in the least, to hear that she’s essentially not an option to deliver my little miss, as she’ll be out of state starting 4/8 through at 4/19, if not the weekend of 4/20-21 as well. I was assured by the nurse that the OBs on call the week before and the week I am due are fantastic and that I’d be in good hands . . . but ultimately it comes down to the fact that I chose to have a midwife. And while I adore my midwife, which is why I’ve been driving 30+ minutes to see her and would deliver at a hospital 30+ minutes from my home, she is the only midwife and it isn’t just a simple change to start rotating through the other midwives. With this in mind, I started to ask around about other midwife practices and experiences delivering at a few other hospitals. I have an appt with a new midwife group 2/19 and I’m hoping for the best! 


Jeannie said...

Looking fabulous as always mama :) When I pregnant with Harper, the pelvic pain and pressure was very intense from about 30 weeks on.. It's nothing I had with Henry. I'm sorry you're experiencing that as well :(

AliRose said...

I LOVE the midwives at North Metro Midwives, they deliver at Abbott, so you'd be having that little girl of yours in the brand spanking new Mother & Baby Birth Center that just had it's grand opening. (It's incredible.) I have no idea where you are in the cities, their office is in Plymouth, so it might be too out of the way for you. :/ But just wanted to throw it out there for you. Good luck!

Jen said...

I delivered both times at St. John's. The labor and delivery nurses were amazing.

Kristal said...

I'm glad you are checking out some new midwives. I hope you find someone great, whom you click with perfectly!!

Randine said...

you might want to check out Generations in Shoreview. :)

Rose said...

Hi, you have probably had tons of unsolicited advice about this but I had terrible pelvic pain with Michael....to the point it was hard to stand or sleep at night or lift one leg (like to get dressed- kind of important!). I kept thinking it would get better but never did until I went to a chiropractor. I don't normally see one but I was desperate for relief and she was a miracle worker! After a few sessions I had no pain and when I was pregnant with Trace I had no paid either. Okay....unsolicited advice over. :o) Hang in there!

ANWAR KHAN said...

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