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Thursday, January 10, 2013

As Julia has already so well recapped, this past weekend something of epic proportions occurred. The first, hopefully annual, WI/MN get together, that united Erin, Julia, Erin, Diz, Andrea and myself . . . oh, and not to mention our respective family's, with all having two kids a piece, at a water park in the Dells. It started simply, with an idea, an email, and then a text and then a group email, followed by a lot group emails and a google doc. It's no surprise with so many planners [read: note me] in the group that it seemed to come together seamlessly, from choosing the date [after Jim and Tony managed to get out of work], to the hotel, to the meal planning. But even though these ladies are good it was still pretty incredible how well the planning went.
And now it's our turn to set out for the #dellsgtg with @mrsandreateresa @mrsjuliagoolia @erinmich82 @dizflem & @erinkkr! I feel like its The Amazing Race or something and we're coming in last. ;) #roadtrip

With the excitement of the holidays, the first weekend of January seemed to arrive overnight. Isaac was over the moon excited to go to the water park and well, Ezra's always up for whatever we throw his way. As Tony and I made our way closer and closer to the dells, the last family to arrive to our 3 bedroom condos, we both shared how neither of us were nervous. Admittedly, I gave Tony a crash course on my internet friends, some of whom he'd been hearing about or stared at their faces from our fridge for the past 5 years. It's so amazing to me how close these friendships can become, even while never having met face to face. Erin and I have known each other now for almost 4 years, meeting when she referred me for my current job. Andrea and I got to meet this past summer when she assisted me at her friend's wedding in Wisconsin. Going in knowing that I already knew two of the ladies and that Milwaukee Crew spend time with each other frequently definitely helped.

I must say though, that while I wasn't nervous, I couldn't believe I was finally going to meet Julia. In terms of my blogging history, Julia is pretty pivotal. After blogging privately for a few months, sharing the angst of the heart of a 24 year old almost newlywed, Julia's blog was the first popular blog that I commented on. And shock of all shocks, she came to my blog and commented on one of my posts. It was my first taste of  the blog community, which is really why we continue to share. It seemed like I was coming full circle by being able to meet her, my online friend of 5 years.
@teamcorbin this my dear is for you, but I don't actually want you to cry. @mrsjuliagoolia and sharing the same room. #dellsgtg

I can't even convey how awesome it was to walk into a room filled by my internet friends, husbands, children and all. It had a surreal fairytale mood, combined with a complete underwhelming excitement, because really after so many years invested into the stories of each other's lives, all six of us together was truly just like visiting with old friends. It was comfortable. There were no false pretenses. It was just amazing. And I want to do it again next weekend.

With 12 adults & 12 kids, it was as imagined a little crazy, but it was a fun, barely contained chaos. There were some sleep issues, and a Vikings/Packers play off game, but ultimately, the weekend went off without a hitch. Who could have ever thought?

Saturday morning:





The result of leaving the water.

Followed shortly by.



And guys, Isaac may have had his first legitimate crush. He requested this picture and stood there patiently waiting with his arm around Diz's Char, as comfortable and confident as well, I've ever seen him. And after I took one picture, he told me to take another and then another.

Sunday morning we attempted several group pictures.


All of us women are smitten with this picture. Man, those are some proud dads who were amazing sports.

Sadly, we went last and got the least cooperative kiddos.

Man, did the dads go for the slides.





But after a little trickery, Tony got Isaac down the slide by himself and there's seriously no counting how many times he went!


We didn't enjoy ourselves one bit, uh huh.






Molly said...

What a wonderful time! I'd love to meet you and Julia someday. Internet friendships ARE real :)

Kelly Bartlett said...

Glad you had fun! We love the Wilderness on the Lake. We always seem to get sick afterwards though... I think those closed in waterparks are a bit of a germ pool, but... we always seem to go back year after year.

So amazing that you could have this trip with your online blogging friends! I read that a couple of them are from Milwaukee? That's basically my back yard. :-) Very cool!

Sarah said...

Looks like an amazing weekend! Ezra is looking more and more like a toddler every day!

Emily said...

I was jealous following along on instagram! So glad you had a fun weekend, internet friends are the best!

Jill said...

This looks like an absolute blast!

Erin said...

You didn't link to Andrea's and my blogs, but I'll forgive you. ;) I had to quote you in my post from the weekend, how meeting was "anticlimactic, in a good way." So, so true!

What fun.

Meredith said...

I loved watching the IG feed, and really REALLY love this post! What an amazing weekend!

I was also cracking up when you talked about Tony staring at blog friends on the fridge, because TOTALLY. Justin reads my blog and also sometimes hops on my Facebook account, so sometimes we'll randomly talk about blog friends like we just saw them last weekend for pizza...like, "Hey how are Tony and Leah doing? I saw they were at a waterpark...so much fun!" Ha! Love it!

Unknown said...

Fantastic photos, Leah! It looks like it was a very successful trip! The shots on the slide are the best!

Melissa said...

So Jealous! Glad you all had a good time.

Megan said...

Such an amazing thing, the blog community. Tyler knows most of my blog friends by name and has also done the whole "hey how is 'so and so'?" Haha, I love it so much.

Looks like an absolute blast, I can just tell through all of the pics how comfortable you all were with each other.

Erin said...

I love that pic of you and Julia! Such a good one. Obviously this weekend was well documented, but I do wish I had a few more pics of me with people. Oh well, there's always next year ;) (maybe we'll go to a more sanitary location then...)

Julia Goolia said...

I love the sequence of all the dads going down the slide. LOVE. And this post was so sweet---didn't really realize I was *that* special to your blogging career even though we did talk about that very thing last weekend.

And had to chuckle at Erin R saying we need a more sanitary location next year. Hehehe.

Mo said...

OMG, the pictures of Ezra in the water are soooooooooooooo cute!! Looks like you had a great time! I wish they had condo's like that here!!!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Looks like good times were had by all!

Julie S. said...

This makes me so teary eyed! How blessed you are, friend. SO blessed.


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