Unlikely Places

Thursday, January 31, 2013

*It seems as I've been incapable of expressing my true thoughts in this post, or that the opinion is just too ostracizing. Please bear this in mind while reading, as I feel energetic about the content of this post and the calling I've felt impressed upon my heart. It may read discouraging, but this is absolutely not my intent and I wholeheartedly believe what I have shared. 

“Hurry and go up to my father, and say to him ‘Thus says your son Joseph: God has made me lord of all Egypt; come down to me, do not tarry.’” Gen 45:9

Surely Jacob had a hard time accepting an invitation to leave God’s promised land. Had God forgotten His promise to Abraham after only two generations? God’s invitation leads to unlikely places. Is the place God chose causing you to ignore the invitation?

Today I instragrammed this very message and shared that Tony and I have been hit pretty hard by it lately. Myself, it's been off and on for over a year, Tony a little more recently.

I've just been feeling this, thankfully not constant, burden of the heart to recognize that we're living small lives. Lives that are completely focused on our, God honoring, objectives, but that even through all of the ready praise for His wonderful provisions and blessings one huge problem remains . . . we're not living with our faith in action. We're incredibly self-reliant in comfortable lives. And I don't mean that in a monetary sense, because as Tony has been very quick to point out we live paycheck to paycheck, still a small accident away from disaster. Regardless of this, our lives are still so comfortable.

Tony and I are struggling with what this means. God makes it very clear in the Bible that He will reward those who seek after Him and provide them with the desires of their heart, but at the same time, the whole point of Christianity is not for us to be happy. Rather it is to humble ourselves so that He is always reflected. We were created for His happiness, not vice versa.

Does this mean that we can't be content?

Does that mean to be fulfilling God's will in our lives that we have to be uncomfortable? 

Doubtful, at least in a totaltarian way, but we do believe that a change of heart needs to occur. Tony and I don't know what these answers are for our family and have definitely resigned ourselves to the fact that we won't know. Ultimately though, and this has been a substantial change in our thinking, we're committing ourselves to ready our hearts to act in faith for what He calls us.

We want to be ready to lead big bold lives, even if it means unconventional choices.


L.C.C. said...
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Kier said...

Leah - Nic and I are in a similar place. We need change and we need big change... Not sure what the "change" will be/needs to be, but we'll figure that out as we go.

leah @maritalbless said...

t's interesting to me that you chose to say my thinking "isn't right" and to turn my "guilt" into thanksgiving.

I did not express a feeling of guilt at any point. I do not feel guilty for the life we are living. I expressed that God has put a burden on my heart to acknowledge that we should be relying on Him, always, but that is not the same as being burdened by our lives.

Additionally, while I wholeheartedly agree with what you wrote that He "wants us to have life, and have it to the full! And that looks different for everyone." These are all absolutely true, but we were created for His enjoyment, to bring Him praise. Ultimately He would like for this to result in our living God-reliant, praise filled lives that are, exactly as you said full & fruitful, but again there is no guarantee of elusive happiness. Our state of happiness is not His main prerogative. I see this standpoint as Bibilically sound and it does NOT discourage me.

maydaygirl said...

I often find when I about something I feel burdened or convicted by, well meaning commenters will encourage me to almost ignore that and "not be so hard on myself".

Good for you for being willing to recognize God didn't call is to live a life of comfort and security. Joey and I struggle with this daily, we are very comfortable. But the reality is I would prefer to flee to Africa and live in a hut while proclaiming Gods word, but so far we haven't felt called to that. Which means figuring out how to be pleasing and honoring to him in our current culture, which is hard!

maydaygirl said...

****when I BLOG about something

Unknown said...

I love this post. I think it's great insight to what we all feel like at some point in our lives. I can't wait to see what that change might be!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I'm not sure if I completely got the message straight, but this post helped me see things in a different light. I often think that when things are "tough" then I must be on the wrong path because why would God's path be so tough? I immediately get anxiety and feel guilty for not having taken a calmer route. I often forget that God's path may just be the toughest of all! My husband and I are in a lot of limbo right now, not certain where the tides will take us, but thank you for reminding me that God's path means BIG plans that will definitely get tough at times, but with faith, God will get us through!


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