Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ezra came down with a stomach bug on Friday . . . which resulted in a massive public puke at Target. It was a parenting first for me and I would have been quite happy to still kept that box unchecked. After I got him home and cleaned up though, he was all smiles and acted just like normal! I was so worried that Isaac would sporadically start throwing up too, but thankfully he seems to have missed this round!
You'd never guess this sweet face just massively threw up at Target or that we just has a diarrhea situation during the clean up bath. Love this boy to pieces, just wish he were healthy.  Ezra's now sleeping and Isaac and I are watching #Up. I really hope the remainder of the night is a lot less eventful than the beginning, but I don't have high expectations.

There have been a few small Baby Sweets purchases, like this headband that doubles as a write off as a photography prop and this sweet twirlable dress by way of a Target gift card. ps :: Tony thinks these flowers are big.
Well, this at least made my day: a sweet headband for Baby Sweets! Ali at Little Miss Designs even included an adorable thank you note.Can we talk about the fact, my husband @fontainenine, made a face at this dress and said "I have to get used to all of the BIG flowers everywhere." Guy has no idea how bad it could be! ps :: @sarahlouise_rn I'm putting the gift card to good use. ;)

The temperature took a crazy plunge on Saturday, so we holed up and did our best to stay warm, while Tony reffed some hockey in Eau Claire, followed by two overnights practically doing a side job for a buddy.
Unfortunately forced out into this for my 28 week #glucosetest. What's the point of living in MN, if we don't get to brag on the extremes every once in awhile?Definitely awake after having to step out to pump gas! Let's do this! I failed the 1 hr glucose test, but then passed the 3 hr. I do NOT want to do the 3 hr again!

My eating was on point this weekend, complete with paleo friendly waffles at my parents house Saturday night. I think I've pretty much fully converted, because I thought the waffles tasted pretty bomb and everyone  that tried them thought they tasted dry. Below are a paleo "pizza" and chorizo chili.
I'm pregnant and want pizza, no pad Thai. Wait, no a Ranch panini, or was it . . . Yeah, pizza. I whipped up a #glutenfree #paleo pizza crust by way of @nutty4nutrition's late night pizza fix from last night. Gratuitous #28weeks #babybump and #toddlerdrivBecause when it's 7F, windchills near -30 and the high tomorrow is -3F, there is really no other viable option than chili. #paleo #glutenfree #hardcoreminnesotan

Isaac has daily told me for the past two weeks that I'm mean and this weekend was a little rough for both of us, due to being so cooped up and the fact that Tony was barely around. I'm pretty sure Isaac got sick of me. Ezra however, man that kid is so good for me. He is just pure sunshine.
This little kiddo has been tugging the heart strings lately, as he's told me daily for going on two weeks that I'm mean.  Tony tells me it means I'm doing things right and my Stepdad corrected Isaac to tell him I'm tough and that's what he needs. #ezrajohn is the best medicine. Still feeling the ish from the 1 hr glucose test and waiting on results of family member, but he's making me smile.

Yesterday I had my 1 hour glucose test and I'm so glad to have found out the same day that I passed! The 3 hour was awful with Ezra last time, so I'm really glad to avoid it . . . although I did find out that I'm borderline anemic. Last night our car decided it couldn't handle this weather and we had to bring it in for repairs. Thankfully, Tony was able to make it without needing a tow truck, although it did involve topping out at 15 mph and nearly being rear-ended on side roads twice. I'm exhausted right now. Just really tired, but I'm totally losing myself in these two shots I was able to snag Saturday morning with my Mom's help, just before the cold front came in.
After a long, chilly, challenging, cooped-up, snuggle-filled, throw up checkered, but ultimately needed weekend with my boys, I'm missing them something crazy right now.


Jen said...

Ezra looks like such a little boy now.

Jill said...

I thought that picture of you and Isaac above, when I saw that on instagram, I thought it was Ezra. Too sweet. And like everyone was saying on IG about being mean... I think that's totally normal and just means that you are doing your job right. They'll move past that phase... eventually. And then at 13, they'll hit it again! :)

And your eyes in that picture of you... WOW! Seriously, so pretty!

Megan said...

I'm so glad Ezra's bug passed quickly, and what a blessing that no one else got it! Maybe it was food poisoning or something!

You look SO SO stunning in that picture. I can't believe how cold it is there... and here I am complaining about the teens and 20's we've been in. :)

Erin said...

Your boys are just too adorable.

I sure can relate when you talk about Isaac challenging you and Ezra being your sunshine. My boys are obviously a little younger than yours - and certainly we both absolutely adore our first-borns! - but man, those second boys are just the sweetest little things on the planet, and such refreshment when the 3-year-olds are being ... 3-year-olds.

Meredith said...

Ezra's cardigan?! SO STINKING CUTE.

That is some cold weather. I couldn't handle it--I'd never leave the house!

Julie S. said...

What adorable photos of your boys! Can't BELIEVE how much they look alike. Love it!

Julia Goolia said...

In love with that headband!!! Baby girl is going to be freaking styling....with the 'big' bows of the world. Ha. Tony. I might just send you an obscenely large bow for her head just to get his reaction. ;)


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