Great Reminder

Monday, January 28, 2013

Today, I called in to make my most favorite phone call, the one in which I schedule out all of my remaining appointments.

I had one big, unpleasant, surprise as a result of that phone call.

I learned that my midwife will be out the week that I'm due, from 4/15-19.

For those that remember, Gina will be in Mexico from 4/10-13.

The priority is definitely to have my midwife there, as I don't trust or care for the other OBs and there aren't any other MWs, but it'd be awfully nice to have both Gina and my midwife, so I'm shooting for 4/14.

So there it is friends, just like with Ezra, I'm calling my date. ;)

But in all seriousness, just like Gina and I discussed today, this just seems to be a very important reminder that every good thing comes from God in His perfect divine timing.

Even when we plan for everything and assume that all of our choices will magically align for the best outcome,

So I'm pushing aside the panic and choosing to remember I'm not in charge.


Unknown said...

I have faith all will work out, just as it has before.

LC said...

It will definitely all work out and I'm praying for the 14th for you! I was also not happy when I found out my OB would be out of town for most of the month of May (when I was due). Her kids were graduating, she had a trip and out of town soccer tournament. Of course, my water broke on one of the weekends she was out of town. I was less then thrilled. But at the end of the day, it all worked out and I loved the dr. who delivered Ethan. Keep the faith, girl!

Jill said...

It will happen. I know it will.

With Emie, I was due on September 1, I knew that I didn't want to go pass that day, so they scheduled me for 8/27. My dr. was leaving town on 8/24, but that was the day I REALLY wanted to have her... and I did. It worked out that my dr. hadn't left town yet and literally ran over to help me out before leaving.

It's going to work out. You always have things work out in your favor... it will be great, no matter what!

Megan said...

I know I'm not even a smidgen of resemblance to Gina or her work (and I hope it doesn't offend you that I even mention this), but if she's out of town, all I need is 6.5 hours and I will be there. For serious.

Also in all seriousness, I am praying for peace to abound in your heart today!

Joi said...

Looking lovely, Leah!


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