27 weeks | Baby Sweets

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How far along: 27 weeks. [27 with Ezra]

How big is baby:
 Head of cauliflower at 14 ½ inches and almost 2 lbs.  

Weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 18 lbs.  

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any. 

Sleep: Everyone seems to be asking me how I’m doing and inevitably they ask how I’m sleeping. Thankfully the insomnia seems to have left, but man, I just need my boys to sleep!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: This is such a boring topic to write on now. I want to say I’m craving Panino’s ranch [aka the most amazing ranch in the world], pizza, gyros and super yummy pad thai, but I’m just not. My desire for food isn’t as profound as it has been and I’m just eating as much greens as I can, which has included an almost daily smoothie snack.
In a bind today, I ran to Target on my lunch to grab some more smoothie fruits. Appalled at the downtown prices, I bucked up and paid it, mentally noting how much cheaper my Aldi bags would be. I have to say though, these fruits are not even comparable to

Movement: Baby Sweets is definitely active. I can now definitely say that I’m feeling hourly movement.

What I'm loving: How emphatically Isaac exclaims what he wants to be his baby sister’s name. Much like the love he gained for Ezra, I just can’t wait to see the relationship build between my boys and their sister. Sister! 

Symptoms: Heartburn, insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, sore boobs, weight gain . . . you know the usual.

What I'm looking forward to: I guess I’m just really not geared up for anything right now. Our social calendar is clear and there aren’t any upcoming milestones.

Best moment of the week: Hopefully tonight. Tony has been reffing at least one game a week since we came back on Sunday the 6th. Tonight, we get a little family time . . . but groceries will be the first priority!

How I'm feeling: Last week I made the mistake of comparing my 16w shot with my 26w shot . . . this week, I’m feeling much better in comparing 27w with Ezra and 28w with Isaac. 
And the 10 week comparison side by side. #16weeks on the left, #26weeks on the right. #chipmunkcheeksYou all know I LOOOOVE a good comparison. #babybump #pregnancyflashback

I hate that so much of my mood is tied up in how I physically feel and whether I believe the lies or not. I know I’m being healthy, but that doesn’t mean that I allow myself to believe it every day. Just like pregnant or not, every day is a battle of self perception. In general I have a healthy body image. It has definitely changed over the years, but it has always delivered what I have demanded of it. I just can't seem to be kind to it currently.

I think another component of how I’m feeling discouraged lately is that of the few baby purchases I want to make, I feel like I can’t. I have similar feelings to those I did when Tony implemented our first budget and the materialistic satisfaction of making a purchase can no longer “soothe” any of my sad feelings. I literally feel like every.single.dime. this year should be applied towards paying off debt. 


Unknown said...

Every baby carries different Leah. Every baby 'pops' different. You're healthy. That baby is healthy. Don't worry about it.

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

You look great though I know you need to "feel" great about yourself too. I was all baby when I was carrying Caroline but that didn't stop co-workers from being just nasty. They thought they were being clever but the comments of laying off the baby and gasps when they'd see me or comments on how the baby must have a growth spurt from the day before when there was no difference....ugh. Did not make me feel great about myself. I remember one particular harrassing day, I ended up in tears in the parking lot on the phone with Brent. Silly because even then I knew I wasn't big but it still sucked hearing all the comments. They were even nasty once I lost the weight though so for some you just can't win. ;) I've seen a lot of the things you've posted admiring for baby girl and my offer still stands if you want to borrow anything! I know its not the same as getting to make your own purchases but I have that eyelet gap dress you posted and a few dresses from that Etsy boutique will be making their way into Caroline's closet either this summer or fall depending on her sizing (it's long been one of my favorite shops!).

Mo said...

Have no doubts! You are seriously one beautiful pregnant Mama!!

'HoulaMom said...

You are a gorgeous pregnant woman! Regardless of how you feel, pregnancy looks good on you. I remember the feelings of "how on earth can people say that to me, I look like a whale!" but I thought the same when you were pregnant with Ezra back on TB. I hope you and your family can keep your spirits up!

Raquel said...

You look great, show yourself some love ! What purchases are you looking to buy for baby girl ? I'm obsessed with buying clothes for my daughter.

Unknown said...

As a once pregnant person I know how you are feeling. Even now my daughter will be one next month and ill catch myself in the mirror and think sheesh my poor body ha. I only gained 6lbs with her too because I had a serious case of all day all pregnancy sickness. There's truly nothing anyone can say though you have to feel it. But you really do look amazing and no stretch marks! That's enough to make a lot of woman smack ya! ;)

LivingLifeBlessed said...

Can we talk about the fact that you don't have any stretch marks?! That is amazing! What's your secret?


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