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Thursday, December 13, 2012

This past weekend, Minnesota caught on to the winter memo and we got snow. A lot of snow. In our case 14" of snow. And you know what, this family absolutely loved it.

How can you not when you get to enjoy these two faces just drinking it all in?

Ezra was absolutely entranced by the falling flakes. He's been pretty short changed by way of snow the last two years, as if he would remember, so it truly seemed like he was seeing a miracle.

And well, Isaac, he's pretty much Tony's right hand man. He is so excited at the opportunity to shovel, I think it helps boost Tony's enthusiasm too. Especially since, we still don't have a snowblower.

I love love love this image of Isaac and only wish I'd had my real camera out still. Check out that clump of snow on his tongue.
"This will be the best snow day ever!" #minnesotanboy

And the best part is, after all that fun in the snow . . . we got to come inside, warm up again and Isaac and I finished the gingerbread cake pops that we started nearly a week earlier, on Monday. For those of you who thought I was joking on instagram, it was 100% truthful.
Ezra had an absolute ball in the snow and wanted to jump right in to clear the pathway. #minnesotanboyTake heed, goodies from the Fontaine house may have been created under the "pants optional" by line. #boymama


Rose said...

Beautiful photos, I love it.

Snowflakes are kisses from angels. :o)


Jennifer said...

I love the look of amazement on Ezra's face. Beautiful photos.

Molly said...

They are such beautiful little children. I cannot WAIT to see this little girl of yours :)

LC said...

Those pictures are priceless. Are you telling me that those pictures were taken with your iPhone? Man, I REALLY hope it snows in St. Louis this year. We didn't have any snow days last year and no accumulation over an inch or so all winter :( Praying for snow!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Gorgeous photos!! Maybe one of these days we'll actually get snow. :)

~Dawn~ said...

My girls enjoyed the massive amount of snow we got over the weekend, too. Seeing them love it so much makes it so much more tolerable for me :)

New MN follower :)

Megan said...

Amaaaazing photos, as usual!

I am so jealous of your snow. You should probably share some with me!

Jill said...

Love these pictures but don't want to see snow for a little while longer! :) Yea right!

Jill said...

Love these pictures but don't want to see snow for a little while longer! :) Yea right!


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