24 weeks | Baby Sweets

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well aware it's Wednesday, but slipped my mind to take a picture until now. Looking well more than my #24weeks, but I guess you'll have that with #baby3! Say it with me VIABILITY! #pregnancy #pregnant #babybump #maternityootd #bumpstyle
How far along: 24 weeks. [24 with Ezra24 with Isaac]

How big is baby: A cantaloupe at 10.5 – 11.8 inches and 12.7 oz. At week 24, Baby Sweet's progress isn't just about internal stuff, it's about her looks too. With pinker, more opaque skin, she's looking more and more, like a baby.

Weight gain/loss: I awesomely put on a good 5 additional pounds, which gave me a total gain with clothes on at my midwife appointment of 21lbs. The scale seems to have settled to 18lbs total and I'll be looking to maintain this for awhile now. Considering I seemed to put on 10lbs between my Oct and Nov appointments [including Thanksgiving and staying in a hotel for a few days for Levi's wedding] and putting on 11lbs between my Nov and December appointments, my midwife did tell me that I gained too much and that I'll have to get it under control.

There were so many supportive comments on IG. I seriously can't convey how appreciated they were. I just want to stress that I trust my midwife, otherwise I wouldn't be under her care. I wasn't complaining she said it and I don't think it was out of line. I don't believe that pregnancy is a free ticket to the buffet line of over indulgence and would much rather put the work in now to continue to be healthy after the pregnancy. A healthy mama is the best foundation for baby's future health and while weight might seem trivial, it's my best opportunity to help my little one. It just really, really, really sucked to hear that I wasn't doing that.

This pregnancy has definitely been different and I'm carrying differently. My whole entire day can be ruined just by the way I feel upon waking up and I'm only 24 weeks into this! My confidence has totally been shattered, but maybe that's the point.

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any. 

Sleep: Still having pregnancy nightmares.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Can you say salads, salads, salads. I'm not a big calorie counter, but know enough about what should go into my mouth that no one should be concerned I'll be dieting, but I'm going to rely heavily on vegetables and lean proteins. To boot, the button on my maternity winter jacket popped the same day I was told I'd gained too much. Awesome.

After 2 1/2 pregnancies, this button finally had it! Easy fix, but not until after errands. #pregnantgirlproblems

Movement: Still pretty infrequent, but definitely daily.

What I'm loving: I have a healthy baby. My family is healthy. I am healthy.

Symptoms: New this week, shortness of breath and feeling like I'm unable to move.
What I'm looking forward to: My Mom and I picked out yarn for a beautiful chevron baby blanket. I can't wait to see how it turns out. 
Yarn shopping with my Mom. #chevron #babyblanket, say whaaaaat?! #teamnopink
Best moment of the week: Tony and I were able to go into Enlightened 4D Imaging with the boys and my Mom and it was with great certainty confirmed that Baby Sweets is indeed a baby girl! 
I'll spare you the other pictures. Sweet baby girl! Isaac just kept saying "It's MY baby sister."

Official Big Boy

Friday, December 21, 2012

photo (1)

Tuesday night, while Tony was at hockey, Ezra shed his baby locks and now looks like the almost 18 month old that he is.

It probably had a lot to do with the fact that there were a million people waiting, but even more that Tony wasn't there and that I was watching Isaac, but I wasn't as emotional during the actual cut. Ezra did fantastic sitting in the chair and only got upset when he saw an Elmo doll that was out of his reach, and boy did he want it.

Ezra's hair was no where near the unruly mess that Isaac's was by the time he had his first hair cut, so it was cleaned up in short fashion and we were on our way.

As I said, I wasn't emotional then . . . it still gets me now though, every time I run my fingers through his hair and they fall empty too quickly.

23 weeks | Baby Sweets

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


How far along: 23 weeks. [23 with Ezra23 with Isaac]

How big is baby: A grapefruit at 10.5 – 11.8 inches and 12.7 oz. Baby Sweets is listening to my voice and heartbeat, and even loud sounds like cars honking and barking.

Weight gain/loss: Pushing towards 13 lbs.

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any. 

Sleep: The pregnancy dreams are a little much lately, especially after Friday’s events. I can’t seem to have a sweet dream for anything.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Still not craving hummus like I have in the past. I’ve eaten it a few times now and enjoyed it, which is a definite change from the beginning of this pregnancy, but it’s no where near normal. I pretty much eat two Claussen pickles upon arriving home from work everyday. And I’m eating ½ a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips nightly it seems. Blergh. When Ezra hears the cupboard door open he comes running, because he knows he’s going to get a treat and it’s literally the baking cupboard, so all he is expecting are chocolate chips. It’s not like it’s the sweets cupboard. True sign that I’m eating too many.

Movement: Baby Sweets is supposed to be establishing a pattern of awake/sleep times, but just like with the boys I haven’t seemed to figure it out. The little one is active and Tony got to feel his first kick, but it’s not too regular yet.

What I'm worrying about: Oh you know, just brining another child into this broken world.

What I'm loving: When I do get frequent kicks. I just love it.

Symptoms: Heartburn, insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, sore boobs, weight gain . . . you know the usual. I’m just so tired right now.

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas plans, starting with our hot dog picnic at my Mom’s on the 22nd! And then after the Christmas fun, our elective ultrasound on the 27th. I think both Tony and I are in a holding pattern of borderline acceptance, but are still somewhat reserved. I’ve found myself telling people “It’s a girl, so I’m told.”

Best moment of the week: Tony getting to feel the baby kick and Isaac proudly showing me the present he picked out for his baby sister.
Oh that smile makes me happy! Isaac so excitedly picked out a present for his new baby sister. #begrudinglypink #johndeere #itsagirl #proudbrother


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I don't think an hour has passed, including much of my sleeping hours, without thinking of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I don't think my words are big or will bring comfort to anyone, so I feel incapable of addressing what happened.

Instead, I can share how we reacted.

Friday night, after Isaac and I were diagnosed with Influenza and shelled out $140 for Tamiful prescriptions, we bunkered down at home and did the only thing I could possibly imagine: we just loved together. Inspired by Erin's recent Christmas tree picnic, we put a blanket on the ground and ate pizza. Next up were root beer floats and Ice Age 3.
Christmas tree #pizza #picnic with the littles tonight, inspired by @erinkkr, because I really couldn't think of a single other place I'd rather be. Next up Ice Age: Continental Drift, popcorn and ice cream. #familytime #boymama #holdthemclose

We cuddled, snuggled, kissed and hugged. Every minute Tony and I aware of the grieving parents who were unable to do the same. Isaac's fever returned and he ended up falling asleep in my lap. My legs were achy, as I too had the flu, but I couldn't move him. Thirty minutes later, there we stayed still cuddled up, mother and son.
My stomach bug didn't go too far, as Isaac has been diagnosed with influenza. So hard to see him sick, but totally soaking up his feverish cuddles. #baby1 with #baby3 #holdthemcloseFriends, we're both still here. I just can't put him down. I want to hold him forever. And ever. #mychildmyheart

It was a hard weekend, with the boys and I being sick. It never seems that their sickness results in a meek spirit, but we stayed cooped up together and I just reminded myself how blessed we are to be entrusted with these small lives, for as long as God allows. I spoiled where I could, with treats and cuddles.
Because nothing beats macaroni and cheese when you have the flu. Not pictured: my HEAPING bowl of #comfortfood. #fluprovisionsExtra snuggles were kind of mandatory today. No ifs, ands, or buts. #ezrajohn #loveforct #mychildmyheart

Just really, how very blessed indeed.
It's been a trying day, to say the least. All said and done, incredibly thankful for these three rowdy bodies. #boymama #holdthemclose

Living in Minnesota

Thursday, December 13, 2012

This past weekend, Minnesota caught on to the winter memo and we got snow. A lot of snow. In our case 14" of snow. And you know what, this family absolutely loved it.

How can you not when you get to enjoy these two faces just drinking it all in?

Ezra was absolutely entranced by the falling flakes. He's been pretty short changed by way of snow the last two years, as if he would remember, so it truly seemed like he was seeing a miracle.

And well, Isaac, he's pretty much Tony's right hand man. He is so excited at the opportunity to shovel, I think it helps boost Tony's enthusiasm too. Especially since, we still don't have a snowblower.

I love love love this image of Isaac and only wish I'd had my real camera out still. Check out that clump of snow on his tongue.
"This will be the best snow day ever!" #minnesotanboy

And the best part is, after all that fun in the snow . . . we got to come inside, warm up again and Isaac and I finished the gingerbread cake pops that we started nearly a week earlier, on Monday. For those of you who thought I was joking on instagram, it was 100% truthful.
Ezra had an absolute ball in the snow and wanted to jump right in to clear the pathway. #minnesotanboyTake heed, goodies from the Fontaine house may have been created under the "pants optional" by line. #boymama

22 weeks | Baby Sweets

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How far along: 22 weeks. [22 with Ezra22 with Isaac]

How big is baby: A large papaya at 10.5 – 11.8 inches and 12.7 oz. Watch what you say – my baby is now able to hear outside noise from down in the womb. Studies show that babies find gentle music and your own voice most soothing. Nipples are starting to sprout, and that little face is fully formed. And, baby's starting to settle into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day.

Weight gain/loss: Tipping the scale at 12 lbs now. I’m already nervous about Christmas.

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any. 

Sleep: Isaac has been continuing his wake up trend, which seems to be passed on to Ezra, plus a titch of pregnancy insomnia and this mama is tired.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Salads, salads, salads. I really want vegetables, of all kinds. I essentially want an hibachi in my house.

Movement: Baby Sweets and I are getting to know each other with more movement every day! Tony has only tried to feel once, but unfortunately didn’t get any outside kicks.

What I'm worrying about: I’m really focusing on the necessary transition to get both Isaac and Ezra in the same room. Oh my gosh, it’s going to be awful, I just know it. Mamas with little ones similarly aged (3 ½ and 1 ½) and spaced (26 months) do you have any insights?

What I'm loving: Daily letting it sink in further that I’m going to have a daughter!

Symptoms: Heartburn, insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, sore boobs, weight gain . . . you know the usual.

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas plans, starting with our hot dog picnic at my Mom’s on the 22nd! And then after the Christmas fun, our elective ultrasound on the 27th. I think both Tony and I are in a holding pattern of borderline acceptance, but are still somewhat reserved. I’ve found myself telling people “It’s a girl, so I’m told.”

Best moment of the week: Tony’s sweet response to my bad, bad Monday!

One Little Prayer

Friday, December 7, 2012

Last night, in a very small moment, during a very ingrained bedtime routine, Isaac stopped me to say "Mama, today at Grandma's, I asked Jesus into my heart."

All cluttering thoughts disappeared, as I focused on that single sentence.

We haven't spoken much about accepting Christ recently, with the most poignant conversation being in October, after Tony's Grandpa passed, so this completely took me by surprise. I should have been more prepared, as Isaac has randomly sprinkled into conversations that he wants to go to Heaven and that he would like to ask Jesus in his heart, but when I've asked if he'd like to pray then his response has very nonchalantly been "maybe a little later." And I've left it at that.

I didn't want to scare him with enthusiasm, so I asked if he'd prayed with Grandma or if she'd heard him, as I'd be very surprised if she didn't tell me. He told me that she hadn't heard him, so I asked if he'd like to pray again with me.

As a reminder, this is the boy who has in the past gotten very mad if I've initiated a conversation about God or tried to pray with him when it hasn't been his idea, so even by asking I was taking a risk.

To my surprise, he happily agreed.

And as my mind raced to remember key component of a salvation prayer, in comprehensible terms for my 3 1/2 year old, he readily repeated everything that I prayed with him. He was so happy when we finished and I asked him if he could feel Jesus in his heart. He said he did and I reminded him that Jesus was always with him and that he could always talk to him, like saying he was scared, mad or sad.

Isaac chimed in to say, "Or I can say 'Jesus save me!'"

And hearing my oldest, who so often is causing trouble, say those sweet words with such joy, well, there's just no way to express how it made me feel.

I squeezed him close, told him just how proud I was and then laid him down for bed.

And then I sat and marveled.

I don't think less of his choice because he is just shy of 4 years old. He has enough comprehension to understand that Jesus loves him, He died for his sins and that through his belief he will go to Heaven. And by the covenant established through Jesus' crucifixion, he believes, with but the faith of the child, with the innocence of a child, he believes.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

Minted | Review

Thursday, December 6, 2012

There are so many options for Christmas card designers, but friends, if you haven't checked out Minted's line up of Christmas cards do yourself a favor and skiddaddle on over!

I adore the designs at Minted primarily due to the originality, but also for the quality of their paper. Let's go back to the designs though, see Minted does something pretty crazy, they showcase indie designers from across the world! Through this diversity of their 1000+ designer community, and also design challenges, they always provide just what you were looking for . . . before you knew what it was that you were looking for.

That said, it's almost impossible to decide. From the front designs . . .


To the additional options!

And one of my favorite options is the Address Assistant. Yeah, Address Assistant, in which you can either input them yourself [still faster than typing], email to request or you can just upload your file of addresses. Pretty gosh darn amazing.

21 weeks | baby Sweets

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

 Oh heyyyyy #21weeks #babybump. Dang if you don't seem to be grow by leaps and bounds! #baby3 #pregnant #pregnancy

How far along: 21 weeks. [21 with Ezra21 with Isaac]

How big is baby: A freakishly large pomegranate at 10.5” [from head to toe]. Baby sweets gulps down several ounces of amniotic fluid every day, both for hydration and nutrition and to practice swallowing and digesting. And, these days, those taste buds actually work! Studies show that after birth, babies are most interested in tastes they've already experienced through amniotic fluid. Meaning, think about what you want your future child to eat as you prepare your own lunch.

Weight gain/loss: Thankfully still holding at a 9lb gain.

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any. 

Sleep: Unfortunately both boys got a stomach bug over the weekend, resulting in vomit and diarrhea. Coupled with a few late nights of photography business and this mama is quite tired. I’m calling an earlier bed time tonight!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Oh my gosh friends, I feel so funny loving on pickles so much, but Claussen pickles are honestly the bomb. The bomb. I said it. Last night, even better, I had dill pickle dip. I think I found the one I had last night at my friends fabulous favorite things party. I seriously could have just taken the bowl and eaten it myself! Sadly, I still have not been reunited with my previous love affair, hummus. It honestly breaks my heart. There is a little place in the skyway called the Real Meal Deli and I’m currently obsessed with their Strawberry Sedona Salad with strawberries, green onions, goat cheese and pecans.

Movement: Baby Sweets and I are getting to know each other with more movement every day!

What I'm worrying about: Oh just those dollar bills still. Thankful to be able to pay our bills though and that paying down debt is our foremost concern.

What I'm loving: Daily letting it sink in further that I’m going to have a daughter!

Symptoms: Thankfully not as much heartburn in this past week, but it’s still there. I’m just ridiculously exhausted and I think you can see it all over my face in the above picture. Also, consistent with old wives tales, I seem to be carrying all over with this baby girl and it’s really starting to get me down. I feel as wide as a house right now, which is insane, knowing what’s coming. I just feel like my hips are gelatinous and that I’m weekly seeing more and more spread to the East and West.

What I'm looking forward to: Spending time with friends this weekend.

Best moment of the week: Convincing Isaac that we really shouldn’t be telling everyone our names for his baby sister. See, I thought that it was possible Isaac could be my ally in the name game, even though it could have just as easily backfired on me, so I shared the three names that Tony and I have cleared for consideration. As luck would have it, I mean as God would fashion it [Tony, wink wink], Isaac did prefer my name choice, even over Tony’s favorite. Too bad he’s so excited about the name that he started telling people, like my Mom. We’ve yet to officially decide on the name, but I’m so glad I got Isaac to agree that we should keep the name a secret! Let’s see if he remembers. 


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