Friday, November 30, 2012

1). I tried wearing my too big Old Navy full panel maternity jeans. It was worse than comical. Unfortunately  even worse, the two pairs of Gap Black Friday maternity jeans I scored for $24 a pair came in yesterday and are also too big. Being that I've never bought Gap jeans before, I assumed they would be smaller than Old Navy and so ordered the same size as I currently have that are too big from Old Navy, and I was wrong. :(
My $24 Black Friday Gap maternity jeans arrived, but since I've never owned a pair of Gap jeans I incorrectly guessed I would be a size larger than ON. Back they go. :( Still no maternity jeans and I'm hanging on by a thread!@fontainenine means so well, and knew he was off the mark bringing these home, but INSISTS Target doesn't carry #claussenpickles. This from the same guy who also was adamant they don't carry Cool Whip. #pregnantgirlproblems
2). Tony tried to fulfill my craving and replenish my empty pickle jar [doesn't that sound like a euphemism?]. Unfortunately instead of coming home with Claussen pickles though, he had the above. Now, I'm no pickle snob, I just love a good dill, but this pregnancy, I must have Claussen's!

3). Given the many circumstances of the ultrasound, Tony and I have decided to do an elective ultrasound at the end of December to confirm that she is in fact she. While we want to assume the best of people, since no ultrasound picture was provided like one was with Ezra of the goods and there is no detail of the sex on the ultrasound report, since it is frivolous to the primary diagnostic, we just want a little bit of confirmation.
Soooo, we're doing this after Christmas. It won't be ideal for 3D imaging, but given the circumstances of our ultrasound and that gender isn't even noted in the ultrasound report, because it isn't necessary to the main intent of the ultrasound, we would lNot so keen on this baby names app, something about Joseph and Joshua being listed as girl names . . . #fail #thisbabywillneverhaveaname
4). Baby names seem to be a bit more pesky this time than with Ezra. See with Isaac, we went in 98% sure he'd be Micah, but were so glad to be able to change our minds without disappointing friends or family or nullifying personalized gifts. Our short list from Isaac came into play with Ezra, but Ezra came out of nowhere and soon became a top contender! While we've had an extremely short list of girl names with each pregnancy, I assumed that a new name could come into the running and surprise us again. Unfortunately, Tony is a little more opinionated than I bargained with girl names!

The good news is that we agree to three names and they are three good names, but we don't agree on our favorites. Although, I do have one powerful little ally, Isaac. :) I listed all three names and one was a definite no, one was okay and he told me he likes the name I like. Time will tell, time will tell.


Megalamode said...

Oh girl, I GET you on the pickles. Claussen dills are SO different than the typical dill! :)

Congrats on the little girl. I had a daughter first, then 2 sons. They are all so wonderful, and it's so cool to feel how your heart is so different for each gender. Excited for you!

Meredith said...

We did not agree on girl names either...my top contender was Annabelle, and Justin's was Susan, ha! But Rebecca came along by accident, and felt like it was meant to be :)

Also, I am almost embarrassed to say that I'm totally a sweet pickle girl.

Lastly, I totally support the extra ultrasound idea and I hope you guys have a great experience!

Adrienne said...

Old Navy and I thiiiiiink Gap too, have vanity sizing, which means all of their stuff is a size bigger. So like their 10 is really a 12. Dumb, right?

So happy for your little one :)

Mmmmmm pickles...

Sarah said...

Pickles were my go-to pregnancy food. So good.

I cannot wait to hear what name you have decided on!

Anonymous said...

We are swapped. We went to our elective first, and the lady said and did so many things that made me question if she was really sure, despite her saying she was. So, when I went to the ultrasound at my doctor at 20-21 weeks, a teeny part of me was wondering if they'd say it was a girl. But alas, HE is still a HE. ;)

Also, we agreed on a girl name, but no boy name. Go figure. Luckily, I got to pull the, "You picked Ethan's name, so, I pick this one's name!" card...only because there was literally only ONE boy name I liked, and Jarrod happened to like it, too, thankfully. :)

The pickle thing had me chuckling. I'm not big on pickles, but I remember craving them toward the end of my pregnancy with Ethan and laughing at myself as I gobbled them down at work. ;)

Linnea said...

As to Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic sizing, I find that I wear the same size at all three, but that the fit varies dramatically with each cut. That said, I absolutely love my Gap and ON maternity clothes, and I feel comfortable wearing my "pre-pregnancy" size in those maternity things. I hope you're able to exchange and still get your great deal! If you're up for it, keep your eyes peeled on Ebay for those - I've had some good success with that, too.

W said...

I haven't tried Gap maternity yet. Old Navy jeans worked out well for me.

We were way more picky with names when I was pregnant with my daughter but now that we're having a boy, I've already settled on a name but my husband still wants the "final say" (yeah right).

Melissa said...

For some reason when I found out you were having a girl, the name Ruth stuck out to me.

Megan said...

Tyler picked Jaxon's name, I picked Cohen's. If we have a third, we'll actually have to agree... yikes.

Jill said...

I've heard Gap maternity jeans are the best out there! I'm sorry that your sizing was all messed up! Hopefully you got that straightened out.

I hear ya about the full panel!

Marisa said...

Hi there! I'm Marisa (principessa81 from the April mamas board), and I just started following your blog. LOVE it, and congratulations on your daughter! :)

Elizabeth Clark said...

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