Levi's Wedding

Monday, November 19, 2012

I practically fell off the face of the Earth last week and with little to no reminders that it was due to my brother's wedding!

Levi and Bethany are now married and I for one, am ecstatic! How could I not be? Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful, heartfelt and Christ centered. To boot, the boys made it down the aisle, smiling no less.

Since I'm the privileged older sister with connections, here are some beautiful sneak peeks from Gina.









The couple are off to Jamaica for their well deserved honeymoon!

One of my favorite moments of the entire wedding was just as I was about to walk down the aisle, standing two couples back, the emotions completely overwhelmed me. I was just on the cusp of losing any sense of dignity, with happy ugly tears. Tony grabbed my arm and almost started to cry with me, before he gathered himself, and whispered in my ear exactly what I needed to hear, "I farted." Just seconds before walking down the aisle, I was able to laugh out loud, smile and only cry a little bit as I walked down. :) 


SarahKL said...

Oh. My. Word. I cannot even begin to describe how ADORABLE your boys look!!!!! I want an excuse to put Jack in a bow tie and suit! :)

Kelly Bartlett said...

Ha! Tony! Too funny!
Everyone looks so beautiful!

Jeannie said...

Beautiful wedding!! I can't wait to see more pics :) Your family looking stunning as ever :) Congratulations to Levi and Bethany!

Erin said...

Her dress was stunning and those two (three!) guys of yours are just too much. TOO MUCH!!!

Noe said...

WOW! just...WOW!... What a Good looking family! LOVE the Dress Leah!
and the Groom and bride? stunning!
I can not wait to see more pics.
And Tony! you are the man! ;)

Ericanandy said...

Oh my lord! Loooove these. The boys! Swoon! Drew and Tom are in a wedding next August. This makes me so excited for it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!

I LOVE the one of Tony and the boys. What a beautiful picture of them.

You look stunning and your family is gorgeous as ever.

Mrs.HVK said...

LOL, beautiful pics!

Megan said...

SOOO beautiful... and the moment between you and Tony brings tears to my eyes. You are perfect for each other!

Also? I know you hate pink, but you look SMOKIN' HOT in that color!

J. said...

Your boys look absolutely adorable!! Love your dress too!

Leslie G said...

She is stunningly beautiful. Seriously, she just radiates beauty! And that hair- so perfect. Looks like it was a fun weekend for you guys- your little family looked great as well!

Molly said...

Amazing photos! I'm so happy your brother found his soulmate!

vanessawo34 said...

goodness, isaac cracks me up in the picture of all the men with their hands in their pockets! and bethany looks so very happy and radiant! and you, little, beautiful, pregnant leah, it's almost not fair how cute you always are! gina amazes yet again!!

Julie S. said...

Her dress is stunning, what gorgeous photos! congrats to them!


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