Silver Lining

Friday, October 19, 2012

To find the silver lining in both boys being sick the entirety of the week, you should know that Isaac threw up Wednesday night. Right after dinner, completely full belly, he unloads, first on my lap and through my leg to the couch and then all over the couch. Thank goodness I'm out of first tri or that could have been awful!

So, silver lining, did I lose any of you guys yet? It's coming I promise, but not until after Isaac was in the bath tub, Tony and I were cleaning the puke and Isaac starts screaming from the bathroom. Turns out, Ezra was bent on joining him in the tub fully clothed. And he did, with an accessory, Tony's iphone, which he'd hastily set down when the puking began.

Tony continued to clean and I sneakily grabbed his phone and put it in a bag of rice, because with everything going on I didn't want to tell him just yet that his phone might be ruined. Aye!

Can you sense the chaos?

We've lived in our house for 5 years and, as I've stressed before, it's a very small house. Convinced from the beginning that we couldn't fit a couch in our living room, we instead got a completely oversized, bulky microfiber loveseat and matching chair.

I edited in that chair for over two years, with the laptop perched on the arm.

Tony and I have almost never had a fight resulting in his sleeping on the loveseat. Almost because he did attempt it one time, but it was too awful and he came back upstairs. [potential marriage advice?]

The loveseat was two seats, but buckled so that even if sitting on one, you almost certainly ended up shifted towards the middle, so two adults could not sit comfortably.

We've had our eye on a set from JCPenny for over a year now. It was first sighted when we frequented the mall after Ezra was born, to window shop, walk and let Isaac burn off some energy. We joke that we visit it. Isaac even knows exactly which one it is. It's only $750, but we haven't made any effort to put aside the money . . . and still haven't, so I jumped on craigslist.

I joke that when I pray, in a situation like this, over materialistic things, God gives me craigslist. And we were blessed to find the same exact microfiber styled couch for $50, just recently listed 1 1/2 hours earlier. Tony quickly called from my phone . . . his still being submerged in rice, and I then text messaged the number.

Within a few minutes we had a response that someone was already coming at 9:00pm, but that they'd let me know if it didn't work out. Certain that we were supposed to have this couch, we quickly countered $100 and that we could also be there at 9:00pm.

My heart sank as the minutes passed by, but I excitedly yelled out to Tony "DONE DEAL!" in receiving their response that it was ours and we could pick it up at 9:00pm!

And that my friends, is the silver lining to Isaac throwing up on the loveseat.

As a family, we love the new couch. Clearly, there's more room and some how, it makes the living room seem bigger, when all this time, we thought it'd do the opposite. I figure, being on my 3rd pregnancy, it's high time I actually have a place to put my feet up and lounge comfortably too!

Tony and I even got to cuddle on it together last night.
Can I gloat about this $100 couch some more? Cuddling on OUR couch for the first time. #craigslistscore

All this happiness for $100 and a little puke.


Molly said...

Things have a way of working out!

Unknown said...

Kind of reminds me of the time Jim and I were going through a rough patch in life. The icing on the cake was when we came home from vacation to find that our water heater was completely busted. Talk about being kicked when we were down. However, we were able to get a newer, better water heater that totally made it possibly for me to take nice long hot baths. Silver lining, indeed :) Enjoy that couch!

Megan said...

Bow chicka bow wow....

Jessica said...

I think the couch was much deserved after all that! So glad it worked out. I have a small house, too and am always amazed how one piece of furniture can change the room and make it look bigger. Enjoy!

Julie S. said...

That is awesome! :)

W said...

Nice find. I love craigslist. My husband dropped his iPhone in water too but it came back to life after several days in rice.


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