Thursday, October 4, 2012

- I can't get enough of turkey sandwiches, you know, one of those things sworn off to me as a  pregnant lady. I don't deny myself of their goodness, but honestly, I could eat them lunch and dinner, daily.

- I made some fantastic pumpkin banana bread muffins last week when the air took just a little chill. I followed this recipe, although very loosely, as:
a). I forgot greek yogurt and subbed strawberry banana yogurt
b). I only had 5 bananas
c). I only had 2 tsps of vanilla
d). I don't have a bread tin, so I improvised with muffins
e). I didn't time them, because well, the recipe didn't offer timing for muffins, just bread.

Somehow, even with all of the above going on, I must say they were truly yummy.
Feeling domestic tonight, so I whipped up some pumpkin chocolate chip banana bread muffins. #fallbaking #megayum

- Apparently I'm shallow enough to have a preferred side to photograph. I really hate the 12 week picture, because my part is on the other side. I feel like my face looks really weird . . . I've never had a reaction like that!

- My part is on the other side, because I haven't had my hair done since June 7th! The roots are out of control my friends! I can't believe it's been 4 months. Honestly, the beginning of summer feels like it was an entirely different year, so I can't believe it. You can kind of see it here, but it's so much worse with my hair pulled back, not to mention this was taken already a week ago.

- Last week when Ezra was home sick, while I worked from home, he had the run of the place without his big brother. It didn't take very long until he was bored and you could really tell he missed his "Ayyye!" So what did he do? He found his big brother's John Deere t-shirt and was absolutely adamant that I put it on him, even though it was 4 times too big. He was clearly pleased!
Oh my word, if that face doesn't say pleased as punch, I don't know what does! Let alone Isaac's toys Ezra insisted on putting on Isaac's JD shirt. #boymama #itrunsinthefamily

- Let's talk about how big of a disaster on paper that this photo shoot was going to be.
First of all, Tuesday night I ran to both JoAnns and Michael's to find a craft #5, which I was certain I'd seen previously. Too bad I totally made it up, as they both only carry letters, and I improvised by hand cutting the #5 out of cork. Wednesday morning both Isaac and Ezra woke up sick. Isaac was the crabbiest he's been in months and was screaming when I came to pick him up from my Mom's, because he thought he was spending the night there . . . but instead was spending the night two days later. You can imagine how well it went trying to reason that it was Wednesday and not Friday. He was less than happy to see me and you can bet it only went downhill when he learned we were going to take pictures. Ezra's nose was like a faucet and would.not.stop.running.

Then we were in rush hour for over an hour and 30 minutes late to Gina's. We were supposed to get there at 5:30 and showed up, still needing to get everyone dressed at 6:00pm. Yes, my fellow photogs, 6:00pm. Gina was squeezing us in before her Bible Study at her house, so not only did we only have about 20 minutes of daylight, people were going to start arriving as well! So, as we start dressing, I realize that I completely forgot jeans for Isaac, thus the green gym shorts. They were not intentional. On top of that, since it's been so cool in the mornings, I didn't think to tell Tony to wear jeans, but he ended up wearing shorts. Not a huge deal, but since I was wearing a skirt, it'd look a little odd, so he ended up borrowing a pair of jeans from Gina's husband Matt, which were a little too tight. That wasn't the only thing too tight however, as Tony slipped on the shirt I grabbed him at Target, we too late found out that it was a size S on a size L hanger! And to top it all off, Tony hadn't shaved in over a week. Just as we started shooting, Ezra grabbed a hold of my homemade #5 and ripped the bottom part right off.

Are you following me? Recipe for an outstanding disaster . . . and yet, in only the magic of Gina and God's grace, the boys were in amazing moods and I could not have imagined better pictures! And that picture where I'm holding out the #5, I'm really holding the top and bottom together in my hand.  What a story!


Noe said...

Bahaha... What a hilarious story Leah! as the oldest of 4 siblings this really reminds me of my family... It turns out we wouln't ever find out abt this if you haven't told us the story...and the photos look completely adorable!

Kristal said...

First, I'm shallow as well because I totally have a preferred side and its also the side my part is on.

Second, the photo story is hilarious!! You'd never know it from the pics.

Unknown said...

You are gorgeous! Roots or not. I do, however have a preferred side as well because of the crook in my smile! :)

The photo shoot story made me smile! Makes for a great story and really, in the end, the photos turned out fantastic! I love that you are holding the 5 together where it came apart. Looking back (yes, I looked back ;)) you can't even tell!!!!

Rose said...

Okay...so, I noticed none of those clothing things you mentioned! All I could see what your bright shining faces! :o)

I also noticed my TERRIBLE roots in a recent photo and am getting them done tonight. I love how photos never lie...not. lol! Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

The back story on the photos had me laughing out loud! What a mess but what great pictures!! Is Ezra feeling better?

christy bode said...

love love love the behind the scenes insight :) You all looked amazing, we'd have never known!

The Edberg's said...

Congratulations to you on baby #3! So exciting, what a wonderful fall journey for your family.

Julie S. said...

The photo story is hysterical! I was honestly like how does she get everyone together all,looking nice and behaving? :) perfect photos! No one would ever know.

Megan said...

The back story here STILL makes me laugh... as I said to you before, no one would ever know! Your pictures always look straight out of a magazine. Hope you're feeling better this morning!

Julia Goolia said...

Ha! Love the story that goes with your shoot. Didn't notice a single thing that was 'wrong' because of the pure excitement of the announcement. That is all that matters!

Meredith said...

All of those things are things that I swear I didn't even notice at all the first time! BUT, it's that much sweeter knowing them now!


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