12 weeks | Baby #3

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How far along: 12 weeks. [12 with Isaac]

How big is baby: A plum at roughly 2 1/2 inches.

Weight gain/loss: I actually began this pregnancy at exactly my pre-pregnancy weight with Ezra, which was also post loss weight. Currently, despite all evidence to the contrary I've gained .02 lb.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Sleep: Thankfully I've shaken out my early pregnancy insomnia. I've been dealing with allergies the last month and now a cold, but I'm still sleeping pretty soundly. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I don't really believe in cravings in all honesty. I've never had the desire for off the wall food items, and usually what I love is the same as not pregnant, just when I'm pregnant I want more of it. 

That said, a big aversion is hummus. Did you hear me cry as I said that? I can practically live off of hummus and now, no matter what I try or what I pair it with, I can't stomach it. I've also completely come off of caffeine, not that I would love a good cup or two of the strong stuff, but just the smell turns my stomach! The only drink I've been able to finish was a Salted Carmel Mocha from Starbucks two weeks ago and that was delicious!

Exercise: None existent. :( I'd really like to get on the treadmill to walk this winter, once hockey starts for Tony and I slow down with photography. My plan is to get the boys down for bed and then get a little time on the treadmill, fingers crossed that neither need me!

Gender: No surprise here, we'll be finding out for the third time. Hopefully the end of November. As I shared before, for full disclosure, we're hoping for a girl. I will not be hurt, mad or upset if we do in fact have a third boy, as that was our original hope. It has been a recent change of heart in longing for a daughter.

Movement: To be honest, I've felt some flutters that have made me pause, but definitely nothing that is obviously movement.

The belly: My ute is out of control. It's supposed to be the size of a grapefruit. I say it's the size of a size 3 soccer ball. I keep joking that my uterus was like "Pregnant?! I know what to do! Bam! There you go."

What I'm worrying about: I'm just the teeniest littlest bit saddened that I will be 17 weeks pregnant at my brothers wedding. We'll see what happens between now and then, but I'm not going to be showing enough to look much more than chubby. I started a month long arms, back and shoulder's circuit at the start of the month and I hope that even with a little effort I can get my upper body toned up to look presentable for the wedding. 

What I'm loving: Being pregnant. Feeling blessed. 

Symptoms: I've had all day nausea since about week 6, but it's begun to lessen. My taste buds are all over the place. Unfortunately I never know if I'm actually going to enjoy my food choice, as it seems that my tastebuds have defaulted to sensing sweetness. Which means certain things that should not be sweet . . . are. :( 

Another new symptom is that my migraines have returned. I was a monthly migraine sufferer prior to getting pregnant with Isaac. For lack of a better explanation, pregnancy seemed to cure my migraines, as I've had fewer than 3 in the last 4 years with the pregnancies with the two boys. I've now had two with this pregnancy and while that's definitely not an overwhelming number, it is a very certain change.

Otherwise, almost everything is same old same old. Tired [check] Nauseous [check] Indecisive [check] Irritable [check] 

What I'm looking forward to: Aaron and Missy's wedding on Friday! I can't wait to see our good friends married and spend time with high school friends.

Best moment of the week: That I have found the baby's heartbeat on my borrowed doppler within seconds of trying. Andplusalso finally sharing with friends and coming out with it!


Molly said...

Pregnancy updates! Yippee! Hope you feel your best soon, friend.

Jill said...

I cannot wait for this journey to unfold! This is going to e so awesome! You look great, as always!!

How are you going to top your gender reveal with Ezra? ;)

Joi said...

Congrats, again!!! I am elated for you!

Kier said...

"The belly: My ute is out of control. It's supposed to be the size of a grapefruit. I say it's the size of a size 3 soccer ball. I keep joking that my uterus was like "Pregnant?! I know what to do! Bam! There you go.""

HAHAHA - love this. BAM!

Can't wait to see you Friday, I am sure you will look stunning as usual.

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Oh Leah, you are the cutest!

Unknown said...

Congrats! I started following your blog during your last pregnancy,we had very close due dates. Im also hoping for a third and a girl :)

Linnea said...

Ah! Congratulations, Leah! So happy for you and your growing family. What a precious blessing!

Jennifer said...

I am so very happy for you, Leah! You are the most adorable pregnant woman!

Julie S. said...

Your is like the first blog I check on the daily now! :) I am SO so incredible thrilled. Sorry about the migraines-- that is NO fun. And yes, the whole my uterus knows pregnancy thing? I totally joked about that same thing with Kenley.

Kristal said...

I'm so excited for these weekly updates!! The migraines stink though...I had them with Isaac, but not so much with Miriam.

PS - I think your boobs remembered what it's like to be pregnant too. Wow! :)

Megan said...

You are such a pretty pregnant lady! Your body just knows how to respond perfectly. Big boobs and all. ;)

Julia Goolia said...

No iphone belly pics this time?!? Love this version, too. Tripod or Tony?

So exciting!!!

Unknown said...

Just catching up since my youngest is taking up alot of time.. but CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I love it all - especially the mustangs.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I am soooooooo Happy for you girly!!! I am thinking a girl :)

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations! I'm with Jill, how are you going to top Ezra's reveal!? And how do you ALWAYS look awesome? Seriously? Ahhhhhhhhh!

The Slacker Mom said...

So, I guess I shouldn't let my Google Reader get this far behind! Congratulations!!! How exciting for you and you family :) Looking forward to updates aplenty over the next months!


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