Small Moments

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remember when I wrote that this blog felt heartless and that I wanted to live for the small moments again? I'm trying, I'm definitely trying.

There are these delicious moments in our crazy life as a family of four that I need to cling to, like:

- Ezra yanking a toy away from Isaac, sporting the most joyful smile as he scuttles away as quick as his little limbs will carry him, knowing full well that the shrieks from Isaac will be followed by a chase.

- When Isaac got upset with Tony for removing the "prayer chair" from his room, to swap it out due to Tony's chair leg cracking. Oh he was so perturbed that Tony would dare to take it from him! Every night we pray with him, as I hold him on the chair in his room.We finally convinced him we could still pray on the other chair.

-  How Ezra will toddle to Isaac's door when he's napping if I ask him where his big brother is, and proceed to yell "Ayyyyyyyye!" in his attempt to say Isaac's name. And when Isaac finally wakes up from his nap, the beautiful grin on Ezra's face as he goes straight to the crib, ignoring Isaac's toys, just to proudly put a hand on his brother, as if to say, "I found him again! Look, this is my brother."

- Isaac having a conversation with Ezra in the car about absolute preschooler nonsense and ending with a placating "You know that Ezra. You know." Complete with an arched eyebrow.

They're just little slices of life and I can't always capture it with my camera. I just need to live full in those seconds.


Molly said...

Great minds think alike! I am celebrating small moments on my blog today too :)

Sara said...

Love this post. So sweet! :-)

Sarah said...

Great post! I too struggle with wanting to document everything with photos,but also take time to enjoy the moments as they happen.

Megan said...


Julia Goolia said...

Love this, Leah.


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