Weekend Plans

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thank you thank you for the congrats on paying off Tony's student loans! I'm definitely going to have to go into more depth how we balance needs and hopefully it will be of some encouragement to you all!

This weekend will be quite exciting! Tony and I are going on a date tonight, tomorrow is a bridal shower for me and then we're bringing the boys to my Mom's for the night, so that Tony and I can head on up to Brainerd for a family friend's wedding!



And then, on Sunday, we will celebrate our 6 year anniversary . . . thus the reason for this evening's date. :)

This is what I'm going to wear to the wedding tomorrow! It's from F21 and is over 4 years old [pre-baby], but it still fits!

What are your weekend plans?


W said...

Nice dress! Enjoy date night. I can't remember the last one I had :)

Jeannie said...

Very cute!! Enjoy date night :)
Happy Anniversary, Sunday!

DianeTaylor said...

Oh Leah you look pretty amazing in that dress! Your weekend sounds jam packed with love and family, my fav kind of weekend. We are home tonight, heading to a family going away party tomorrow and to the beach with our dog Indy on Sunday for a few hours of land sea and sky. Ahhhhhh my happy place.

Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary! Looking good mama!

Megan said...

"It still fits" is the key! Have an amazing weekend, I hope the weather in Brainerd has cooled off since we were there!

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous dress and you're rocking it!

You & Tony are such a cute couple, I hope you really enjoyed your Anniversary!


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