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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's been called to my attention that I never really updated on Isaac and preschool or how it happened that Ezra started sleeping in his crib.

Did your heart skip a beat? Because mine stopped beating. Who is this kid? #deadofcuteness
For this guy, Isaac? He loves preschool. While he has started some shyness in new surroundings, he is such a social little guy. I must admit that when I finished reading Dobson's Bringing up Boys, I immediately felt clutched with the desire to homeschool . . . especially because I grew up in a private school, which isn't an option for us currently. After these few months in preschool though? I sincerely doubt how wise of a decision that would be for Isaac. He thrives on a fast paced environment, other people and new facts. If I try to tell him new things, his response "Mama, I didn't ask you that." aka "Why are you bothering to tell me that drivel?"

There has been a marked change in his behavior as well. Which was all the more noticeable this week, as he had a break last week due to VBS being hosted at the church. We were all ready for him to get back this week!

Can we also talk about the above picture, that my Dad took last night? I honestly can barely look at it without tearing up. He's just such a little boy. It's like I can peer straight through to his teenage years and it's happened too fast. Entirely too fast.

And then this kiddo, my super cuddly Ezra? Won't even let me rock him to sleep anymore. :( He'll cuddle in on the rocker, get comfy and then suddenly start flopping around, until he sits up in my lap. I then ask him if he wants to go to bed and he'll point to his pack and play.

SUCH a change from the battles of trying to get Isaac to sleep outside of our bed. I can't even truthfully say what clinched it. We did small intervals of cry it out [cio], I gave him a pillow and one night I gave him a sippy cup of milk. He hasn't gotten the sippy in a few months, but the pillow, plus a fan for white noise seems to do the trick. Plus his lion. :)


Melissa said...

Good gracious! Those eyes and that smile... what a little heartbreaker you're gonna have! :) Sounds like both of your boys are doing so well.. great job Mama!

Sara said...

Such a wonderful picture of Isaac. What a handsome little man! :-)

So glad to hear about the great things going on with your boys!!

Emily said...

I'm thrilled to hear that Isaac and preschool are a great fit. Thomas has another year before he can start and I just know that he'll thrive in a fast paced school environment, too. This year could be tough, I get the impression I bore him. :)

And isn't it funny how two kids can be so different on things like sleep? So glad that Ezra has taken to the crib. Your boys are precious, Leah!

Julia Goolia said...

commenting on two posts at once.

-first, your boys are TOO big. It always throws me off to see Truman's face lit up by a flash on a camera, too, and I think that one of Isaac is just insane.

-second, way to go (again) on the half! I knew you'd rock it. ;)

Meredith said...

So glad that the transition is going well with preschool! I'm really looking forward to it with Lizzy because I know how much SHE will love it...I just wish the church would let her start this January when she turns 3!

Bekah said...

So glad he loves preschool!! I found 'bringing up boys' to be very informative, but not necessarily a 'how-to' type parenting book, you know?

Also, Re:Ezra sleeping - AWESOME!! What a little champ!


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