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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey you guys, especially my local ladies! As I've very thinly veiled here on the blog . . . or not so much, the plan is for me to come home next year to focus solely on family and my photography business.

Due to this, I'm really looking to amp up my weddings for the 2013 season, especially the off seasons.

I'm excited to announce that between now and my rebrand launching [Sept/Octish] I will give away a free portrait session to the person responsible for referring a booked and secured 2013 wedding!

So far I have only relied on word of mouth advertising and this is my first promotion!

Please be dears and spread the word.

My boys, husband and I would ever appreciate the leg up on getting me home quickly. :)

See my most recent work on my Leah Maria Photography facebook page and my pricing and full weddings on my website.


Kim said...

I hope you get to stay home sooner rather than later, your photography is great and I don't think you charge enough for the quality of images you give. Seriously, I love your work.

Unknown said...

Yay! SO excited for you and the family!!

Meredith said...

I am so excited about this!! Really, I can't include enough exclamation points Leah!

This might sound kind of crazy, but I have just felt it in my BONES for years (literally--have I told you this before?!) that this was in God's plan for your family someday...and I am so excited for you that it is looking like the way God's calling you sooner rather than later! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


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