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Monday, August 20, 2012

Well, I survived the past week . . . barely. But indeed, I do believe I survived.

Tony and I make a habit to try to not share when we're gone from our house, but especially to refrain from sharing when Tony is gone. I'm getting to be a little more of a big girl when my husband is gone, but I still hate it and sleep with the shotgun within easy access.  

So, Tony left for the BWCA [Boundary Waters Canoe Area] which is an uninhabited and undeveloped area between Minnesota and Canada. This also as you can imagine, left us out of communication for 5 days. Five days. Seriously, five days. It's so hard to be apart, but worse yet to be unable to speak to each other to top it off!

I started out strong on Thursday, by getting Ezra dropped off at my Mom's, jetting over to drop Isaac off at preschool, but I had to succumb to a freaking migraine before I could even get into work. I was so annoyed because I was actually going to be on time and I was already taking Friday off for a wedding. After sleeping, medicating and caffeinating the headache away, the boys and I managed an alright evening.

And the next day, I had one of my most amazing weddings ever. Period.
Can you even handle it? I couldn't.

My Mom watched the boys and I returned home, super late, stayed up super late uploading cards and then got up super early with the boys to continue uploading cards. My Mom and Dusty took Isaac and Ezra to the Nowthen Threshing Show [aka the John Deere Show aka Isaac's version of heaven], while I . . . I got to shoot this amazing wedding.

This bridal party was one of the most fun of the year, and how could it not being that my good friend Abbey was the matron of honor! My bride Jenni ordered these Ray-Bans for the bridal party and they came just in time [literally the day of]. The guys killed it.

Yesterday was pretty low key, as I tried to keep my head above water with both weddings, the boys and seasonal allergies. The highlight was probably teaching Isaac how to "slingshot" his underwear. We had way too much fun going back and forth in the living room.
I taught Isaac how to "slingshot" his underwear. Guess what were now doing? Back and forth and back and forth!

And for the grand finale.

My husband returned!
@fontainenine is HOME! #BWCA #gonetoolong


LivingLifeBlessed said...

You are such a talented wedding photographer! Gorgeous pictures!!

And I totally hear you on not liking being home alone with the kids! Our home is definitely more peaceful when hubby is home too!

Unknown said...

Girl, how do you do it?!

Beautiful wedding shots! Yes, you are insanely talented :)

Megan said...

Insanely. Talented. :)

So glad Tony made it back home. I agree, I am always uneasy if Tyler is working late (past bedtime) or through the night. It just doesn't feel right.

Glad all is well... minus these dang allergies.

Melissa H said...

I've been reading your blog for years, but I don't comment nearly often enough. Those wedding shots are beyond amazing! Seeing those shots and hearing how busy you are...girl you need to raise your prices! :)

Leslie G said...

Jon has been traveling so much this summer- I can definitely relate.
And man, every time I see one of your stunning wedding shots, it makes me hate that I dislike my photos SO much. I wish I could go back and do it again- and hire YOU! What lucky clients you have.

Meredith said...

I *so* feel you on having a husband who has been out of communication for a few days. It is EXHAUSTING!

Gorgeous wedding photos as always!

W said...

Pretty pics!

My husband returns tomorrow from being out of town and I'm counting down the minutes!

Tiffany said...

PJ is out of town a lot hunting and fishing but the hardest time for me was last year when he went to CO for 2 weeks with no cell service and this past July when he was in the BWCA. Phone service makes all the difference!

TJ, Issac and Ezra were all in the same place last Saturday! Those boys must have some awesome grandparents that know how much boys love tractors :)


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