Minnesota State Fair :: 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tony and I are pretty insistent on consistent family traditions and so far, we can say two things with certainty. Since their birth, our boys have attended 4th of July fireworks and the Minnesota State Fair every year. We intend to keep it that way.

Isaac was kind of a grumpy pants for 80% of the trip, which meant all other time than spent at Machinery Hill, but what can you do?


We got a later start than most recent years, but scored on nabbing $9 prefair tickets for only $5/piece outside of the gates!

Gina was on hand to grab our awesomely awful 4th installment of a family picture in front of the Corn Roast. With out fail, this picture has been terrible, since the beginning with a crying Isaac, but I must continue it. ;)

I failed to immortalize every food choice this year, but we went a little lighter on our fare. We only got: a corn dog [Tony's first purchase, every year], roasted corn, turkey to go pulled turkey sandwich, milk, poutine, veggie fries, dole whip and strawberries & cream. It sounds like a lot more when you don't consider it was split 4 ways!

And then, after all of that fuss, Isaac finally laid eyes on his happy place aka the John Deere section of Machinery Hill.

I LOVE this shot of my guy! After 2 months of him insisting on wearing the same three shirts [green/soccer] and the same three comfy shorts, I finally grew wise to him and added this green #3 to a blue hoodie. :)

Awww, a big Fontaine hug, as we call them!

Ezra grew a little antsy pants after being cooped up in the stroller, so he enjoyed some time browsing Machinery Hill as well.

Gina peeled off to take some fun pictures of Levi & Bethany, since she'll be shooting their wedding in just 2 1/2 months and we went to check out the DNR building. Isaac asked if there were any whales in the tank.

Ezra thoroughly enjoyed checking out the fish too and kept squealing and pointing!

We couldn't decide on our final food purchase, so we made a quick loop through again and came across the kiddie midway. Isaac really wanted to try the new ride and Tony bolstered my confidence that it'd be fine, since Isaac had gone on the Tilt-a-Whirl with Tony's parents just a month earlier . . . too bad Mama knew better. If this picture doesn't just say it all?

Needless to say, Tony lost his appetite and we left shortly after.

Until next year!


Sarah said...

I haven't been to the MN state fair for so long! BTW your family is so cute. :)

Jen said...

We went on Saturday and the rain made our trip on the short side. My boys love seeing all the John Deere tractors too. :)

Kristal said...

I think I say this every year but I always love this post from you because it means our fair is right around the corner!!

LOVE the shot of you and Isaac in the tractor wheel. What a fabulous boy and his mama picture!

Unknown said...

Hehe...that last picture! I can literally feel the nausea :)

Sara said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you all had a pretty good time, even though Isaac was a little grouchy in the beginning! :-)

Anonymous said...


I LOVE the picture of Tony and Isaac on the ride. It appears that neither boy enjoyed it. :)

Megan said...

Love your outfit, cute pics, and Tony's face totally made me laugh.

W said...

Looks like fun. Love that you were all kinda matching with the green. I was curious and looked up our state fair and it's not until February. Bummer.

Bekah said...

Oh Gosh! That list picture! Wow.

Adrienne said...

Whoot whoot!

Love State Fairs! Ours isn't until October- can't wait!

DianeTaylor said...

Leah - I had this exact same rule when Jonathan was growing up - every year it was automatic that we would go to the fair. Certain foods were always purchased and eaten together. Certain rides were always ridden (some with mom and some without!). Certain exhibits were never missed. My husband and I continue this tradition even now - we just went to the Maryland State Fair last night! We love it so much - he loves the pig races and the 4-h building with the free honey samples (we bought orange blossom honey this time - oh my delish!). I love it for the memories I have forever etched in my mind of Jonathan and I. There were tears in my eyes many times last night and I just let them flow. Love all your pics - Gina rocks as usual.

Meredith said...

I'm a total sucker for traditions like this.

Also, I've been wanting to try a Dole Whip since you first mentioned it in the fair posts! Why don't they have those around here?!!

Unknown said...

Bravo et merci pour ton blog et bon courage pour le maintenir en vie de longues années !!
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