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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tony and I are both very competitive people. You tell me you can do 30 pushups, I will without a doubt try to beat you that day. I have tact enough that I'm not going go about telling you if in fact I did, but the self satisfaction is enough. My coworkers took the elevator 4 floors up, so automatically I had to take the stairs . . . and beat them.

I remember a road trip that I took with 3 high school teammates our freshman year of college. Laura, Rosie, Nancy and I discussed the probability of our having non competitive or non sports minded children and just how "awful" it would be to have say a dancer or a braniac. We laughed and cajoled with each other over who would get who and how we would cope.

And 10 years later, I think about that conversation from time to time as Tony and I gauge the competitiveness of our son. We will not be those parents. We won't. We can't. We're incapable, because we love the individuality of Isaac and what we see in Ezra so far, but we'll of course help them explore sports to find what they love . . . if they love any of them.

We've had a t-ball set for Isaac for quite awhile, but he'd always hit the base and grew very frustrated with it. Recently he started to hold the ball in his hand and successfully drop it in time to hit it.

It was as he was doing this one night that I decided to ask if I could pitch it to him. At first he was very dead set against it, but within a couple of minutes, he was begging me to throw the ball to him.

And you know what? Within the first five pitches he hit the ball. And then he hit it again. And again and that's when I ran to get Tony out of the house, because he couldn't miss his son's first time hitting the ball! Since then, in addition to riding his gator around out back, Isaac loves to hit the ball. I do the whole "Hey batter, batter! Swing batter, batter!" and he loves it!

I'm not saying he's the next Joe Mauer [oh wait, yes I did ;)], but I love that he finds so much enjoyment in the simple thrill of connecting the bat to the ball.

The look on his face says it all. all.


Anonymous said...

Aw. I love these photos!

Jill said...

That's so awesome!

So... do you sign him up for baseball? Or T-ball?

Sara said...

Ah! This is so cute! :-)

AJ said...

omg, love. Way to go Isaac! :)

That boy and his hand-eye coordination. Un.real.

Kristal said...

Oh my goodness, I love this so much. I'm not very sports minded, but Chad is so excited for Isaac to be able to play catch with him. <3

Erin said...

What a big boy. It's so very fun to watch your kids try and succeed at new things, and to take such joy in them! Love the pics.

Bekah said...

So cute! How old do you think he will be before you do sign him up for sports? (if, in fact, he does want to?)

Jack recently asked me if he could play soccer. Im trying to figure out if he is ready...I know I am not!

Erin said...

Next Joe Mauer, indeed!! I won't even know what to DO if my kids end up liking sports :) I was a spectacular failure at each and every one I tried :) ha!

Julie S. said...

Oh HOW i love it! :-)

ashavenue said...

I love that top pic, so cute!


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