It's kind of a John Deere

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last weekend we made it on down to the farm, for Tony's family reunion. His family is quite good at gathering regularly in the Twin Cities, but it's so nice to see the family in SW MN and SD.

We didn't get quite as early as a start as we'd liked, but still headed out decently early and everyone was in good spirits the first 45 minutes. We borrowed my Mom's DVD player for Isaac, but unfortunately we still heard "The farm's too farm away!" at least a half a dozen times.
He's pretty excited to be in control of the DVD player . . . But we've already heard "The farms too far away!" 5 times.

The highlight of course though had to be the boys exploring a real farm.

Which included 4 wheel rides with Grandpa [last year he was too scared to go on Rachel & Joey's!].

The main attraction though was Great Uncle Joe's huge Case, which Isaac told me was "kind of a John Deere." At least that's what he was telling himself for betraying his beloved green and yellow.

His fast soccer shoes helped him sciddaddle right on up!


I think the tongue helped though too. :)

And then they were off. I think he was just plumb amazed!

He was so excited to tell Tony all about it.

It rained off and on the 6 hours that we were there, but I had so much fun on the trampoline with Isaac. Of course I could barely jump, but he loved that I was doing it with him.
Minutes of feeling like a kid again . . . With my kid. #trampoline #jumping #instafun

Of course all of the that play and skipped naps for the big guy meant that within minutes of driving, he looked like this.
We listened to him sing the beginning of Veggie Tales, followed by a slam which was him closing the DVD player and looked back within seconds to this. So . . . Isaac liked the farm. #tuckeredout #carnap #tractorridesaretooexciting

He rebounded though, thanks to a shrieking Ezra, and insisted that he had to wear his sunglasses to watch his movie . . . in the pitch dark!
He's too cool for school and he doesn't even know it! [well sometimes he does ] #threeyearsold #stud #sunglassesatnight

And that's how we spent weekend #1 of my being wedding free!


Sarah Louise said...

If Isaac complained about the farm in SW MN was far away...I can't imagine what my kids will be saying when we have to drive nine hours to Jared's family farm! YIKES!

Looks like it was worth it though :)

Bekah said...

Such a cute time for your boys!

Also - Jack is sitting in my lap being cuddly, and everytime there was a picture of Isaac, he would look at it and say "is that me?" with a very confused look. Like he knew it wasn't, but he couldnt figure out who exactly this kid is that got to ride a tractor!

Meredith said...

Seriously, LOVE this whole post. Go you for jumping on the trampoline skirt/dress and all--I'm sure that made Isaac's day!

Noe said...

Have you been told you have the cutest little boys on earth?
You totally do!

This day and this pics will for sure be one of their most treasured memories of childhood!.

Julia Goolia said...

The grumpy pants Isaac picture is too freaking much. Love it.


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