Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Man, this morning was brutal. Remind me next time the 4th falls on a Wednesday to take Thursday and Friday off!

My grandparents celebrated 66 years of marriage on Tuesday. I know that their road has not been easy, and I'm not sure who is the strongest between them, but I'm so thankful for the legacy they have passed on.

Randomly, on Tuesday, Megan and I were finally able to meet in person! She and her family were on their way up to Canada, by way of Minneapolis [slight detour, thanks Tyler!] and she met me downtown for a Caribou. Megan and I have read each other's blogs, pretty much since we began writing. It was almost surreal to see her and yet, equally underwhelming. There were no awkward moments in the least. It was like we always just see each other downtown and spend a half hour shooting the breeze [like me hashing out arguments and naughty toddler behavior, you know, the light stuff ;)]. Megan, it was soooooo amazing to spend time with you!
You know what absolutely made my day? Getting to meet @megkeith today!

Gosh, I needed Tuesday night and Wednesday with my family! We had some great times, including some hilarious helpings of this can. It started with my Mom and I was so happy to continue it on with the boys! If you're looking for some cheap entertainment, that's also tasty, grab a can next time you're at the store and spray attack your family. :)
Providing family entertainment for at 
least two generations!

Also, Tuesday night, I was able to begin to teach Isaac how to play "Go Fish." I picked up some Cars "Go Fish" playing cards at the dollar store and he loved it. It probably didn't hurt that he totally beat me in the first game!
Teaching my boy "Go Fish." #familytime
I'm not sure if I've ever shared how I get ready with both boys when Tony isn't around to help. Isaac isn't one to be left unsupervised, that boy can get himself into a bit of trouble in a hurry, so what I've done for the past year is to take a shower with both boys playing at my feet. Then when I'm done showering, I draw them a bath to occupy their time while I put my makeup on and do my hair.

Well, yesterday Isaac kept telling me that Ezra was leaning on him. I couldn't see Ezra's eyes from looking above him, but looked down to find him swaying. The poor boy was so tired and being lulled by the water that he was falling asleep at my feet! I picked him up and Tony ran up from working to carrying him away, but he insisted on snapping a picture. Ezra was out cold on my shoulder.

Ezra was so tired he fell asleep while at my feet in the shower. Poor buddy!

One of my new favorite pictures, of Ezra and I, after he was fighting off a nap, but just minutes before taking his second nap of the day. Even when it's busy, life is sweet.
At least one of the littles is napping! This guy is just having too much fun.

Thank you Lord for these blessings.


Anonymous said...

Aww. Love the photo of him falling asleep on your shoulder. How funny/sweet. And the last one is a good one, too! You are blessed with sweet boys. :)

Meredith said...

Justin had to work this morning too, and it was brutal for BOTH of us, ha!

Love that picture of Ezra falling asleep on your shoulder--my kiddo has not done that EVER! I can't even imagine!

Adrienne said...

Happy Happy Fourth!!!

Hooray for meeting best friends and hooray for God's blessings! He IS good, amen?

W said...

So sweet. Seems like Ezra's hair is getting darker. :) Having a holiday in the middle of the week was SO rough. Thursday felt like a Monday!

Megan said...

It was absolutely amazing, indeed. Just wish it could have lasted hours longer... 30 min just wasn't cutting it!

You are incredible and I'm just... so thankful for you.


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