The Boy Who Sleeps

Friday, July 27, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a newly married guy and gal.

They slept soundly, they slept late, they slept when they wanted to. Degrees of clothing varied.

Due to the aforementioned, soon they welcomed a baby boy.

The not so newly married  guy and gal  had a dramatic change in sleep.

They slept intermittently, they slept much shorter, they slept when baby boy let them.

At five months, baby boy decided he disliked sleep, so he joined the guy and gal in their bed.

Sleep slowly but surely returned.

The guy and gal could not figure out how to get baby boy out of their bed.

Soon toddler boy was overtaking said bed, but again the guy and gal couldn't not figure out how to remedy.

And then, another baby boy was welcomed.

Toddler boy adjusted to his crib, while the guy and gal again acclimated to sleeping intermittently, much shorter,and when baby boy let them.

As history has a way of repeating itself, before they knew what was coming baby boy decided he also disliked sleep, so he joined the guy and gal in their bed.

but . . . 

Unlike toddler boy, the guy and gal have successfully figured out how to get toddler boy to sleep in his crib [at least half the night].

And there was much rejoicing.

There is no crying. He just goes down awake and falls asleep. It is amazing.
This boy. 30.5" 22lbs 13ozI'm a little bewildered. This boy is nearing a record first ever two hour nap in the pack and play.


Sara said...

That picture of Ezra sleeping is ADORABLE!!

Soooo happy he is sleeping good in his crib. :-)

kaceyw said...

Sounds amazing! What is the secret to making this happen? :)

Adrienne said...

That IS amazing! Go you two!!!

Nice story, I like, "And there was much rejoicing" quite different from, "and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth"

Bethany said...


Unknown said...

I'm glad you figured something out and you are getting sleep :o) Love these pics!

Jeannie said...

Great story :) Way to go Ezra!

AJ said...


Ashley Caserta said...

Please share your secret to putting him down awake!

Ashley Caserta said...

Please share your secret to putting him down awake!

Mrs. Lukie said...

I NEED to know how you did this. I'm dying, here.

Julie S. said...


ThoughtsON said...

I'm joining the masses in a request of HOW this happened? My 14 month old sleeps in his crib fine, but only after being rocked to sleep!


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