Running or lack there of.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So . . . a few months ago, I was all hopped up on completing my 2nd half marathon and I wanted to extend my running excitement! I did what so many runners inevitably do, I signed up for my next race.

There were only select dates that worked for me, so the Gopher to Badger [MN to WI] half marathon on Aug 11th it was! I didn't know anyone running and had never heard anything about it, but it looked to be decently managed and the date worked. Whoo hoo! I was all set to train for and complete my 3rd half marathon.

Except . . . this summer has been everything I thought it would: busy, stressful, fun, filled with family and hot.

I have managed to run less than a dozen times since my half marathon in May. Literally, less than 12 runs and most have been around 3 miles. I just want to soak up all of my time with the boys at night, leaving me about an hour or so to accomplish editing/emailing and unfortunately, I need that hour to stay on track . . . or at least attempt to catch up! Plus, while I was running easily in 70-75F weather in March and April, this muggy heat is not encouraging me to get out the door!

All this to say, I'm still running on August 11th.

I'm not looking forward to it. It's going to hurt like a bia.

But I'm running, and I really hope my efforts in the next couple weeks help!


Kier said...

I ran that one a few years ago - and even mentioned you in the post1 :)

Have a great run. I too, haven't been too dedicated to my training, and my Sept. 1st marathon is going to be here before I know it...........

Jill said...

Running sounds great!

Running in the humidity or heat sounds awful.

But, you accomplish just about everything you put your mind to... so I have faith that you'll knock this out of the park!

Time at night is always hard to juggle... getting things done around your house, cooking dinner, getting time in with your kids and then spending time on yourself... it's hard. Really hard.

Bree said...

I haven't signed up for Monster Dash because I am not finding the time to run either. I know people say "make time" but I would be taking away from my sleep at this point. So hard to balance! And it's way easy to skip with this weather. Gross. My goal is to attempt some late night runs next week on the treadmill after the twins are in bed. Better than nothing!

Julia Goolia said...

you go girl. I once ran a half after only running once per week for the entire training program. You'll do great!

Adrienne said...

You can do it!

Happy Running!

Care said...

you can do it! just get a couple long runs in during these next two weeks and you will be fine. good luck!


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