Pretty Eyes

Monday, July 16, 2012

"Once in a time", according to Isaac, who was taught this by his Daddy, I convinced Isaac to brush my hair.
It was a mutual treat, I let Isaac brush my hair . . . He in turn borrowed my blush.

He then proceeded to "wash" his hands, which unbeknowenst to me, he was actually making his "eyes pretty" with my blush.
So he made his eyes pretty with blush while I thought he was washing his hands . . .
The end.


Meredith said...


Lizzy currently calls eyeshadow "eye polish", and I live in fear of the day when I someday leave fingernail polish out somewhere and she attempts to put it on her eyelids!

Ericanandy said...

Everytime I see this pic I giggle. It should be your wallpaper. It's so light hearted

W said...

Cheeky :)


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