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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


He's weaned from the breast, at 13 months.

I'm just of incredulous of this.

It started at 12 months when I cold turkey pump-weaned at work and he transitioned straight away to whole cows milk without blinking a single darn lash. It was so easy. Too easy.

And then, I had 5 weddings in July, keeping me away on Saturdays . . . leaving only Sunday and evenings to nurse.

Then, he started going to sleep awake, without my nursing him to sleep.

This all snowballed until, without full knowledge as I took the picture, this was the last time we nursed when he was inconsolable and feverish. I comforted him as best I knew how.
Love that we still do this, sad that he's almost inconsolable. #highfever

It's so sad to bring a close to this intimate aspect of our relationship. With Isaac, we prolonged it even after pump weaning until he was just shy of 18 months. It was gradual. It was time. With Ezra, it just seems so abrupt. Too soon.
Great start to the day. Leisurely morning with my boys and Tony brought me Caribou after he gave plasma.photoPeekaboo, I see you.Untitled


Jill said...

Makes me so sad.

I felt like I was cut off WAY TOO early with Coen and that's only because I got pregnant so fast and my body couldn't do it all.

Now, I get excited about nursing another baby, but honestly, it just won't be the same as what it was with Coen.

I can imagine that your kicking yourself for the wedding schedule that you have and how it's affected you... Breaks my heart.

What a sweet little boy and what a great relationship that you had... So very sad when it's over.

I wish I could get back that time. Meant more to me that I ever thought it would.

Erin said...

Aww... such sweet photos. I know I will cry big ole tears when it's time to wean, and that's even with dealing with repeated clogged ducts, risk of mastitis, leaking, and just today (if you didn't see the IG I only left up for 5 minutes) pumping pink milk b/c of a blood blister. Oh the things we do for our babies!! You did great for him, mama. I'm sorry it ended differently than you wanted.

Kelly Bartlett said...


Unknown said...

But what a wonderful 13 months it was :)

Anonymous said...

My boy is only 5 1/2 months and I'm already dreading this! It's just so special to share that time with him. Sending up a prayer for you as I know it's got to be hard!

Justine said...

My 10 month old seems like he's getting ready to wean. :( He pretty much only nurses when he's sleepy and it makes me so sad. I was hoping to nurse him until he at least 2 but I don't think we'll make it that long. :(

Megalamode said...

Awwww, Leah. Bless your heart. I can really identify with your feelings. It is SO hard when they wean. I STILL miss that nursing relationship and my son stopped nursing 6 months ago.

BGH said...

I just had my first baby 5 weeks ago and at 3 weeks had to start supplementing with formula because of supply issues. It just killed me to think nursing might end abruptly. I'm still trying to nurse but I never imagined that nursing would form a bond and be so special so soon. I understand your feelings!

Kristal said...


It's a tough transition for mama, but I'm so glad it was easy for him. And what a special treasure to have a pic of your last time nursing!!

emilyhansen said...

I know these feelings all too well. Praying for you friend. Interestingly enough- I might be weaning Audrey right now too :)

Megan said...

One of my biggest regrets with Jaxon is that I can't even remember the last time we nursed. How special that you have that picture, and so many others!

With Cohen I was much more aware, but when we quit at 13 months, we were both ready... yet I can still relate to the "it went too fast" feelings.

You did such a great job supplying for him, and what an amazing bond you have formed.

Mimi said...

I love that you have those photos of your nursing time with Ezra. My 9 month old became sick last month and abruptly stopped nursing. I was a mess to put it lightly. Fortunately, I realized quickly that it was a strike, but everyone I spoke with kept telling me he was weaning. There is something so incredibly special between a nursing mom and her baby. No one will ever take that bond away from you and Ezra. Great job on nursing for 13 months and 18 months with Isaac, that is AWESOME!

Unknown said...

My daughter self weaned at 14 months... it was WAY earlier than I thought. I am glad she decided - but I know how broken your mama heart feels. Hugs.

W said...

It's bittersweet. You nourished him well and he was ready to move on. My daughter still nurses here and there at 15+ months but she's less and less interested.

Mimi said...

A friend shared this with me the other day and I loved it. Seems very fitting for your heart right now


Julie S. said...

Oh friend, I know this feeling. I know it oh so well. It's such a HARD job and sometimes I wished it would be over but when it was over? BIG tears. Hugs friend.

Kim said...

I remember the first week of nursing and thinking how can I do this for a year? Then when K self weaned at 16 months I had the exact feelings you do, it was just over.

How great it is that you did it for 13 months though!!


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