Joy in the Imperfect

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This is my life right now, completely imperfect. Tensions are running high, quality time doesn't exist, and I've got my eye on September or the very least Aug 4th.

But this is just a season of my our lives. It is during these times that character is defined, resiliency is soldered and strength is gained.

And for that, I wouldn't trade it.

These days seem heck bent on humbling me.

Continually showcasing my shortcomings.

Time and again highlighting my failures.

But I know there is joy in the imperfect.

For I am saved by grace. And while I am made in my Father's image, only He is blameless.

I hope someday that my children will recognize me as hardworking [and not be effected by the time I am away from them for this short period of time].

I hope someday that they will also find joy in the imperfect in their own families.

I hope.

ps:: After getting this all out there, I realized that I was essentially rehashing Emily Ley's Grace Not Perfection.


Jill said...

Of course they will and it will be perfect.

You're a great mom and wife. You really are. We all have our moments and that's okay.

Keep on smiling and you'll get to September before we know it!

Adrienne said...

Praying for the kind of peace only Jesus brings. Praises for joy amidst chaos- I'm so there. <3

Happy Fourth sister!

Leslie G said...

I'm pretty sure your kids will have all these amazing, amazing photos and be able to see your love and hard work through them, if there were any doubt ( which I'm sure there will not be)!

DianeTaylor said...

I agree with Leslie! There will be no doubt!

Julia Goolia said...

Love this. And your weekend post. Great thoughts on the imperfect life, Leah. Hang in there!!

justjillian said...

Love what you said about joy in the imperfect. I am reading "Walking with God" and Eldridge just talked about how God has commanded us to have joy. Joy is a state of mind, not based on situations. Glad you can see the joy. Hang in there!


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