Cheerleader? As if.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yesterday, I left the house at 7:10am, kissed my husband goodbye cuddled next to my son, who was circled comfortably in his arms. While I know that only a few minutes later he would be up rousing the boys to ready them for a day at daycare, the fact remains that I left the house much earlier than my husband. For this reason, it irked me to no end to hear this message on the local radio station:

"Say, if he hasn't already left for work, encourage your husband this morning. Be his cheerleader as he heads out the door."

Excuse me?

When I finally returned home last night after a session, location scouting and borrowing gear at 9:30pm, I was still bothered by it.

Tony works hard.

I work hard.

Why couldn't it have been, "If you're still at home wtih your spouse this morning, take the time to lift them up. Encourage them to face the day."? Instead, no, let's completely paint a specific picture of the man leaving the house to be praised by his wife.

What an ignorant and narrow-minded miss.

So frustrating.

*For the first time in my memory, I actually sent a written complaint.


Lucky Girl said...

Agreed. Period.

Erin said...

Lady, you need to change radio stations :)

Sara said...

I agree with you 100%.

Sarah said...

I so agree! I'm definitely my husband's cheerleader, but he's mine, too! I'm working what feels like three jobs right now, so I need some cheer as I go out the door, too.

I'm right with you, Leah!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...


Molly said...

Nothing really special to say. Just that I love you a little more after reading this ;)

Jen said...

Eww, that rubs me the wrong way. Cheerleading needs to go both ways.

Kristal said...

Was it a Christian station? Ours has made some passing comments like that and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! Yes, that stereotype applies to my family, but it doesn't apply to so many. I'm with ya, girl!

Sarah said...

Amen, sister.

mrsmeyer said...

Even more painful that I'm guessing you don't exactly love leaving your boys in the morning without even talking to them.... I'm in the same boat and I feel especially down about that in the morning. BOO to that radio station!

Leslie G said...

I agree with you- it would be better received if it adressed the "spouse to spouse" rather than the wife to husband. I mean, unless the radio station was a women's one, but it's not.
I want to play devils advocate here for a sec, though- while I totally get the underlying implication from the comment is that "the man works, the woman doesn't" I think that there is more to it.
From a biblical standpoint, it's made clear that as a married couple, God has called the husband to be the HEAD of the household. Now for the record, I don't believe that means that the husband is always the
breadwinner, or that he has a harder job than the wife. Sometimes the opposite is true! Whatever the case- I believe that the role of a husband carries a lot of weight to keep his family protected, safe, and together. To make tough decisions, and make sure that he is spiritually guiding his family. I know that my husband has expressed this weight from time to time- so I make sure he knows how appreciative I am that he works so hard for us. And it's not just one sided- he thanks me often as well.
I know that this issue is so tough for you Leah- because
you work so hard to help make ends meet (especially when the desire of your heart is to really be with your
boys!) so I totally, completely get where this strikes a
chord with you. And to be honest, if that was something that was said frequently on that radio station, I'd write a letter too and switch stations.
I hope I'm not offending you (or anyone) by my comment and I respect it if you disagree. I just wanted to give a little different perspective. Keep your head up, friend!

Leslie G said...

Ack- sorry my paragraph structure is all messed up. :)

leah @maritalbless said...

@Leslie, devil's advocate well intended. :) This is definitely one of those things where I probably could have written a novel to try to accurately describe how I feel about it, you know? Definitely well received to acknowledge my husband as the head of our house, which is something I struggle daily to accomplish, humbly.

I think that's what irks me the most, is that I know that message would have been really well received by me to encourage Tony, because he is so much better at encouraging me, if it hadn't been chained up under such a charged and narrow minded message that the husband was already out the door or leaving soon.

Kim said...


Erin said...

Agree with Erin K.

Did you somehow tune into a station from 1955?


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