4th of July

Monday, July 30, 2012

So . . . personal photos have clearly taken a back seat to business photos, but I finally had the chance to go through some from the beginning of the month. Like, the 4th of July!

Ezra took an early nap, so we were able to squeeze in some pool time at my Dad's before Isaac's afternoon nap!


Isaac "swam" by himself for the first time, with the aid of pool noodles.


We then made our way to our family friend's for their annual 4th of July Spaghetti party.

They put Ezra to work right away.

While Isaac was off cavorting with a girlfriend.

Next thing you know, there was a full on water fight!

Isaac had just a little bit of fun.

And even took after Tony!

Ezra was a little put out that he didn't get to participate and let it be known!

The boys got just a little bit of confidence and turned the tables on the guys.

And when all the fun was had, we started to pack up to head in for fireworks at Sand Creek.

Which is where for the 2nd year, my parents brought in their RV.

Somehow I managed to get Isaac into that USA shirt, even though it was missing John Deere green.

Even though he covered his ears, he loved the fireworks display!

Ezra was equally captivated!


Anonymous said...

Love the hat!

Kristal said...

Great pics!! I especially love the one of your parents' RV.

In the picture of Ezra mowing, what is in the air? Is it pollen or bubbles? Whatever it is, it made for an awesome shot!

Sara said...

Great pictures!!! Your boys are too cute for words. :-)

Megan said...

Looks like a blast!

Jill said...

From the looks of it, you had a great time... or they did! I love the water fight! So fun!

Justine said...

Your boys are so handsome!! I love the picture of Ezra yelling. Such a great expression! :)

Unknown said...

Love you in your hat = )

Chelsea said...

Love the shot of Ezra with the bubble mower. So beautiful! And your hat is adorable! Such great shots of your family!


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