These two.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I think this is the best first day of preschool picture Isaac could manage yesterday. His eyes were still puffy from sleep and he was much more interested in the garbage trucks that were making their way around our neighborhood streets, so this was the most he could muster.

And I love it.

The report from preschool is that Isaac did GREAT. He told me he didn't make any new friends, but that he does like a girl named Skyler and that he told another girl to stop fighting with her. The highlight was playing with the balls in the gym and he seemed disappointed there was no music time, just that it was "on." He made Tony a Father's Day present with one of my favorite verses right now, Eph 6:2.

This kid is 90% walking every where now. I have a love//hate relationship with the idea.

I have no doubt Isaac's eagerness to "help" Ezra walk had a lot to do with the above.

Summer's going by in the blink of an eye, but I'm so glad I have good mix of family days in to still enjoy these moments.

Ezra is completely fearless of the water and I love it. Isaac took small advantage of it by spraying Ezra every chance he got.

I have no words for these two frames. Just pure love.

Thank you God that you've given us the blessed opportunity to see our boys grow. We're daily thankful.


Unknown said...

Every time I look at the pictures you take, I'm in awe. They are so beautiful you capture your family moments so well! I like the one of Isaac running through the sprinkler with his face all scrunched up.

I'm just throwing this out there... I've started up my etsy shop again and was wondering if you would like to do a giveaway of a pair of my baby shoes on your blog?

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

I just love your boys. Such cuties!!

Unknown said...

Like :)

Your boys are precious. It must be amazing to watch them grow into buddies.

Write to Simplicity said...

I see Tony so much in that picture of Ezra walking. :) How sweet.

Jill said...

Ezra's face in the water sprinkler is hilarious! I love it! What a great duo and I'm so glad that Isaac had a good day!!

Megan said...

Love all of these!

I feel like once Cohen started walking is when Jaxon started viewing him more as a playmate instead of as a little baby... their interaction has grown and grown since then and now they are inseparable, even during Jaxon's time outs. :)

Beautiful beautiful pictures, as always.

Unknown said...

They are amazing boys, Leah. So special and full of life.

Sharstin said...

these are adorable shots--such cute lil misters!


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