Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Even though I proclaimed Monday a new day, I still felt like I was being pulled in a million little pieces. Around 2:30pm every day, as I think about leaving work, I start to make myself so anxious about all that there is to do that I end up sick to my stomach.

I had evening plans with my friend Rachel to catch up over a smoothie at Caribou, but I quick text her to call it off. She wouldn't let me and for that, I'm extremely grateful. Clearing an hour to spend with Rachel basically threw off all of my plans to manically accomplish my goals for the evening and instead, after my girl chat, I came home and enjoyed my time with my family.

And then, yesterday, a day that I thought I would do more photo work, I again, chose family.

So, while I came back to work today to find the checklist I'd prepared for my 36 hours off the corporate clock and was unable to check off more than a few, it was so well worth it.

The best part is, I think it's immediately visible in the photos I took of my boys.


Ever since Isaac got his John Deere gator last fall, he has been asking when he'll be able to take Ezra on a ride. We always said "When he get's bigger." Apparently Isaac took it upon himself to decide that Ezra turning one meant that he was big enough, as he helped Ezra onto the gator and then while I was on the phone with my Mom, with his eyes on me the whole time, I believe just waiting for the "Stop Isaac, no!" he backed the gator up. I was undecided how I felt about it, but felt certain Ezra couldn't fall out, so I told Isaac that he had to put the gator in the slow gear. Without arguing one peep, Isaac slowed the gator and went off on a tour of the backyard. About midway through, Isaac took it upon himself to place his arm across the side like this. It made me tear up, as I wasn't even cautioning that Isaac had to be careful. He just determined that he wanted his brother to be safe [that or he wanted to make sure Ezra couldn't get away from him . . . ;)]

They toured the yard a couple more times and it was awesome to watch Isaac point things out to Ezra and just share with him the whole time.

Tony was downstairs working, but I had to call him up to see, because all of the hopes we had of having sons, who really loved each other as brothers seemed to be embodied in Isaac's realization of giving Ezra a gator ride.

Later that evening, with my carefree attitude, I decided to grab Ezra and take him out for some sunset shots. Little buddy was having a blast until he suddenly grew very tired! It was a less than 5 minute ride home and he fell asleep!

Always dream big sweet boy.

We're here to support you both through anything!


Kim said...

The pictures of the boys in the gator are the sweetest thing ever! And, the pictures of Ezra... amazing!

Unknown said...

Oh sweet Lord. That Isaac boy. He sure loves his little brother. It's the protective 'motherly arm' that always flies out when we don't mean it to if we stop too fast. And when Ezra is standing up in that can tell his soul is at ease riding with his big brother. *sigh* Glorious pictures. I loved them :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness! The picture of the boys in the Gator is ADORABLE! So sweet!

LC said...

Ok girl, you got me on this one. The picture of Isaac pointing to Ezra made me tear up. Having a brother is something I pray for my sweet Ethan. That bond is just so adorable. Love and happy birthday to your sweet boy. Congrats on another year, mama!

Erin said...

Those pictures of the two boys on the tractor made me tear up! Unbelievably precious. I can't wait til Henry starts acting that way toward his little brother.

Kelsey said...

Your post reminds me of the five love languages. You're just filling up your tank! :) I've been feeling similarly overwhelmed and will keep you in my prayers!

Julia Goolia said...

Love these, lady. What beautiful pictures for a beautiful family. I cannot get over the pics of the boys on the tractor.

Mimi said...

oh my goodness, the cuteness you were blessed with for being still and knowing he is God. Great is thy faithfulness.

Your boys are adorable. I'm glad Isaac was being careful with Ezra. You're a brave mommy!

I've been reading your blog for a longtime, I found it on the nest/bump, and just wanted to tell you that even though you've said you don't like your house, you have the most amazing backyard ever! We live in nice urban town home that is spacious but completely lacking in land for out little boy and chocolate lab to play around in.

Unknown said...

Gah!! Love the picture of your two boys riding the gator together. Totally worth putting aside your to-do list!

Megalamode said...

Awww, sweet sweet pictures! I had to laugh at you saying Isaac putting his arm around Ezra being sweet, then recounting that maybe it was a control issue too. ha ha ha I have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son and I can totally relate! Either way, Isaac is a sweetheart and I bet Ezra felt like such a big boy!! :)

Kelly Anderson said...

I don't comment very much, but this post just moved me to pieces. I love it and the images that you were able to capture were breathtaking. Congrats on raising two wonderful boys!

Sarah said...

Adorable, Leah!

Jenna said...

the picture of ezra lifting his search. pure amazing-ness.

Ericanandy said...

Okay....crying here over the gator pictures. I love brothers being sweet with each other.

Meredith said...

So glad you had some rest and renewal! Love those photos of the boys in the gator--just perfect memories!

Jill said...

What a perfect post.

I love that while Isaac wasn't blessed to take Ezra, he still did it and was very careful about it. I also love that he has a John Deer tractor like that, in general. That's so much better than those hummer or jeep ones that you usually see.

I also love the sunset pictures... What a sweet little boy!

So cute!

It's got to be so fun to watch your family morph and change. It will be a little different for me with a boy and a girl, but still a blast, I'm sure.

Sara said...

Adorable pictures of the boys!! I can't get over them... :-)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

the pictures are lovely!

Rose said...

Cute, cute, cutie cute cute. I love love love it. :o) Melts my heart!!!


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