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Monday, June 4, 2012

There has been so much good lately and I want to remember it!
[street food, giving up my seat to a very pregnant lady, haircut with my stinker, another little stinker, virtual coffee date with Megan [who is even sweeter than I imagined!], $11 AE sweatshirt, cuddle time, Target perusing]
Hola Arepa❕Gave up my seat to a pregnant lady, trying not to judge every seated man. #itsonlyrightCertifiable stinker.Love this little.Virtual coffee date on the phone with @megkeith before a final consult tonight.Why yes, yes I did buy a men's AE sweatshirt during their 40% sale. #teenageratheart #equalopportunitybuyerUntitledSo I stepped on my most recent pair . . .

This weekend I made my way East to Poynette, WI for an amazing wedding. I smothered my boys in kisses and then head out. In all my years, I've never had my own hotel room, by myself or made a similar road trip. I had a huge king size bed all to myself and made an awesome pillow cocoon. Our family loves Tango, which is very similar to FaceTime, but you don't need WiFi.
Goodbye #1Yup they're mine. #lovemyboysEzra's SOOOOOO big!UntitledRefueling in more ways than one in Menominee. #whatdidisignupforUntitledUntitledGooood morning! #tangoFTW

The wedding was all sorts of mind blowing incredible, I mean INCREDIBLE, plus I got to meet one of my favorite ladies. Andrea and I have "known" each other going on at least 4 years now through our blogs. She is friends with Julia and Erin [who used to blog], who I've dubbed the Milwaukee Crew. I feel like when they get together, I'm with them in spirit . . . which is kind of creepy, given that I've only met Andrea and that was this weekend! To be honest about 1/50th of me was a little nervous that something would be lost this weekend, if either myself or Andrea weren't somehow who we'd expected. You'd think that after 4-5 years of reading someone's thoughts though that I wouldn't have that fear, because it was insanely silly to even consider. Spending the day with Andrea, each of us doing what we love with our cameras, was basically like being able to while the day away with an old friend. A friendship where you knew enough to be comfortable, but there were just enough gaps to continue the conversation, you know, awesome. And, she's even prettier in person.
She's even prettier in person!Oh yes, we did this. First barn wedding, don't let it be my last! #thebarnatharvestmoonpond

And then, at 9:30pm, I got back in my car and drove 4 hours home, which meant a lot of throwback rock, like Evanescence and Linkin Park. I was dog tired yesterday, so we wore the boys out with the Slip and Slide Isaac got for his birthday. He had a blast! To round out the evening Levi and Bethany came over for dinner.
Steering wheel drums as I hit the road again! One more hour. Rocking out to Evanescence and Linkin Park.Slip and slide! Aka wear the toddler out. #whydidntwedothissoonerUntitledMake up cuddle time. #THEbest@rossettibr06 and @ljglines came over to grill out!Pure sunshine!

Which brings you here. My view of a Large Caribou cold press with added depth charge, sugar free carmel shot and skim milk. This mama is tired this morning and to boot, I forgot my pump at home. :(
Friends, I might single handedly fund Caribou through wedding season. Today: large cold press, depth charge, SF carmel and skim milk. #twoweddingsdown

Bring on the week of evening appointments and my double weddings on Friday and Saturday!


Erin said...

If you're creepy about the "Milwaukee Crew" then so am I :) I too imagine myself with them in spirit ;) (except I don't "know" Andrea as well yet, just started reading her blog recently)

I really think we should plan a day for all of us to meet in the middle of Wisconsin somewhere with all of our children... it'd be epic.

Meredith said...

I totally think of you, Andrea, Julia, Kristal, etc as the "Midwest Crew" and I'd totally love to meet you all--I could then proudly be the "West Coast Satellite Branch" of the crew, ha!

Jill said...

I always have thoughts about how I wish I lived closer to MN to be able to be apart of gatherings that take place or just to be close enough to hang out with those that live over there. It's not creepy. It's just confirmation that you read some really great blogs by some really great people. It's strange how the world brings people together, no matter their location.

I think it's great that you and Andrea got together for that wedding! What a beautiful barn... can't imagine how the rest looked! Stunning!

I cannot believe you drove 4 hours straight, in the dark by yourself! That's crazy and I'm glad you made it, but seriously, that's insane.

Oh and I HATE days when I would forget my pump! That totally stinks!

Erin said...

Ooh, I'm with Erin! And it's not creepy - I feel like I know you, Leah, and you too now Erin! I feel connected with your families - it's amazing how photos and blogs can do that. I totally miss blogging (publicly) for how it connected me to people like you girls!

Megan said...

Love this!

I loved chatting with you the other day on the phone... even though it wasn't in person, it still felt surreal to me to actually hear your voice with your THICK accent :) and your positive words of encouragement and advice. Something I'll cherish forever!

I can't wait to see more wedding pics as well! I'm sure you and Andrea knocked it out of the park.

Meredith said...

And Megan! She's part of the West Coast Crew too!

I still think it's so interesting that most of us "met" on the D&R boards. So glad we all did :)

Kim said...

The wedding looks beautiful! And a bed all to yourself? Sounds like heaven to me!

DianeTaylor said...

I too feel like I know you Leah. And I am old enough to be your Mom lol! I wish tbere werent so many miles/states between Maryland and Minnisota. My dream photo session would be with you and/or Gina. I am so proud of you and how far you have come in your photography!


Chelsea said...

That photo of you and Ezra facetiming is the CUTEST photo ever!!! just love it.


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