Hand Foot & Mouth

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Sunday our plan was to head over to my dad's as soon as Isaac woke up from his nap, the slight problem we ran into was that he woke up with a 103F fever. He could not be deterred from wanting to go to Papa Tom's, so after a slower start, we made our way over.

And then Ezra shot up with a 103F as well.

I just had a feeling that this was not going to be a random fever and then all back to good, so Tony took Monday, since the boys couldn't go to my Mom's until they were fever free for 24 hours. You know that angel that Levi's marrying, well she offered to come over to help us out, so Tony was able to get some work done on Monday and not get too far behind.
Watching Ice Age 3 with my sick little guy.Oh man, he completely sacked out without a nuk. My poor boys.

We let them go without medication Monday and thankfully neither had a fever yesterday while I was home with them, but I noticed that Ezra had two blisters on his tongue. The fever and blisters made me pretty certain that we were dealing with HF&M, but because Ezra has such sensitive skin and he has crazy reactions to bug bites, I brought him in to the after hours clinic for an official diagnosis.
The doctor wasn't at all concerned about the above bug bite thankfully, even though it looks awful! We did get a confirmed diagnosis of HF&M and I found out that I'd completely overlooked the little blisters on Ezra's finger tips and his heels. I was fairly confident given that they had the same fever in the exact same timeframe that Isaac had it too and sure enough, once I knew what I was looking for I found the same little blisters on Isaac fingertips and the heels of his feet.

My poor little buddies. 

Of course this had to be when Isaac was super sweet about sharing his cups with Ezra!


Jeannie said...

:( Poor guys. We've had to deal with that once before too... It's never fun.

Meredith said...

Poor babies!!

Kim said...

Oh goodness, hope they get cleared up soon.

Kelly Bartlett said...

Oh your poor little guys. How painful. :-( Feel better handsome little men!

Megalamode said...

Aw sweet boys. Hope they feel better soon!

Megan said...

But on the plus side, you look pretty. :)

Abby said...

This is too ironic that you posted this this morning. Kate our 8 week old also HF&M. We ended up in the ER with her on Tuesday night due to her 102 fever and they misdiagnosed her. Our pedi took one look at her yesterday and there are the blisters in her mouth. My heart just aches for these babes and these painful blisters. I hope the boys feel better very soon!

Jessica said...

Ugh, kieran was diagnosed with this today. Hope aii the babes feel better soon!


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