Ezra: Eleven Months

Friday, June 1, 2012

I don't even have to say it, do I?

It's June. This little man is 11 months old.

You know what that means.
[chalkboard picture has been taken, but isn't edited]

This past month has been pretty huge for you. I can hardly believe that Isaac's birthday was only a month ago!

Since then, you've been all sorts of busy.

Your biggest priority seems to be doing exactly what your big brother is doing.

But, mind you, even if you're trying to do what he's doing, you're still acting like you.

Which is extremely sweet 99% of the time.

You did some growing this month! And got to move on up to a convertible seat, still rear facing of course.
Love this swingset!Living the dream, right here!Guys, guys. When did he get huge? When did he grow up? Text from @fontainenine.New seats for the boys! #ERF

Back to that emulating your big brother thing.

Daddy's pretty much a sucker for how much of a cuddler you are, but really, we all are.

See, me too.

Within the last couple weeks, you started taking your first steps.

And you love to shake your head back and forth when we say, "No no."

You no longer crawl on your knees, but prefer to bear crawl.

You can now stand without pulling yourself up on anything and it always takes me by surprise. You are just as inquisitive as Isaac and I found you had climbed up on a tote the other night!

Ezra John, we love you so much. Keep that light in your eye shining!


Jill said...

What a great little boy!

Time is just flying!

Sara said...

He's such a cutie! I can't believe how fast the time has gone.....

kari said...

11 months already!? Time is flying. Such a handsome boy.

Cropped Stories said...

These are such great shots! What a sweet post! It'll be fun to look back on to see what your little one was up to at that time!

Ericanandy said...

Oh so cute and oh so fast. These silly children and their growing like weeds! Enjoy this last month of "baby"!

W said...

So cute. And he's got more hair coming in, too ;)

Mo said...

This has been the fastest year of my life so far! By the sounds of it, it might have been one of the fastest of yours too! Its odd how the days/weeks seem to go by so slow, but the year flies by! Anywho- what a sweet baby boy!

Unknown said...

He's a doll.


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