Questionable Decision

Friday, June 29, 2012

I have a bride who wants to do a long exposure sparkler shot at her July 14th wedding [HI KIM! :)], so I knew that I needed some practice and grabbed my first ever package of "fireworks." There I was, getting carded at Target.

One of my best memories of spaklers happened when I couldn't have been more than 5, at my best friend's house, standing on their front step. With this in mind, I thought it'd be pretty neat to let Isaac try them out. I knew it was a questionable decision, but figured we could just roll with it. I tried to get him to use a hand shield, a la pinterest, but it was a no go. Isaac was more dangerous with it when we tried to just get him to practice holding an unlit sparkler, because he kept trying to grab it with his other hand and straighten it out.

We finally just decided to go for broke.

Thankfully, it worked in our favor.

Ooooooh, the anticipation! I just hope we didn't start this little boys infatuation with fire too early.

I took a similar picture on my phone, which is also blurry, but I don't care. I love the look of marvel.

Also feature here.

Oh these boys of mine. I can just imagine all that they'll be getting into!

So while it may have been a questionable decision, we really were happy with the result. Isaac most of all!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Even though I proclaimed Monday a new day, I still felt like I was being pulled in a million little pieces. Around 2:30pm every day, as I think about leaving work, I start to make myself so anxious about all that there is to do that I end up sick to my stomach.

I had evening plans with my friend Rachel to catch up over a smoothie at Caribou, but I quick text her to call it off. She wouldn't let me and for that, I'm extremely grateful. Clearing an hour to spend with Rachel basically threw off all of my plans to manically accomplish my goals for the evening and instead, after my girl chat, I came home and enjoyed my time with my family.

And then, yesterday, a day that I thought I would do more photo work, I again, chose family.

So, while I came back to work today to find the checklist I'd prepared for my 36 hours off the corporate clock and was unable to check off more than a few, it was so well worth it.

The best part is, I think it's immediately visible in the photos I took of my boys.


Ever since Isaac got his John Deere gator last fall, he has been asking when he'll be able to take Ezra on a ride. We always said "When he get's bigger." Apparently Isaac took it upon himself to decide that Ezra turning one meant that he was big enough, as he helped Ezra onto the gator and then while I was on the phone with my Mom, with his eyes on me the whole time, I believe just waiting for the "Stop Isaac, no!" he backed the gator up. I was undecided how I felt about it, but felt certain Ezra couldn't fall out, so I told Isaac that he had to put the gator in the slow gear. Without arguing one peep, Isaac slowed the gator and went off on a tour of the backyard. About midway through, Isaac took it upon himself to place his arm across the side like this. It made me tear up, as I wasn't even cautioning that Isaac had to be careful. He just determined that he wanted his brother to be safe [that or he wanted to make sure Ezra couldn't get away from him . . . ;)]

They toured the yard a couple more times and it was awesome to watch Isaac point things out to Ezra and just share with him the whole time.

Tony was downstairs working, but I had to call him up to see, because all of the hopes we had of having sons, who really loved each other as brothers seemed to be embodied in Isaac's realization of giving Ezra a gator ride.

Later that evening, with my carefree attitude, I decided to grab Ezra and take him out for some sunset shots. Little buddy was having a blast until he suddenly grew very tired! It was a less than 5 minute ride home and he fell asleep!

Always dream big sweet boy.

We're here to support you both through anything!

Ezra: One Year

Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh sweet nostalgia. I've been terribly indulgent and have reread every last letter of these two posts, one and two.

To think that just a year ago, we had only made acquaintance with you, our sweet Ezra John.

We had no concept just how well you would complement our family. Or how easy going and different your temperament would be different from your older brother's.

Little one, as the 2nd child, we can't help but compare you to what we know, which is limited to Isaac. You started out similar in so many regards, but you were not as vocal. Additionally, you peacefully slept in your swing more readily!

Continuing the similarities, your Daddy is quite struck by you and easily succumbed to your desires for cuddles.

There was no doubt from the beginning that you would not have blue eyes, although we were all a little surprised when they remained much darker than Isaac's hazel, and ultimately are a dark brown.

You got the memo to move quite early and you often entertained yourself with your toes and trying to roll over.

Once you figured out that smiling at us would get a smile in return, I don't think you've stopped.

No really, I don't think you've stopped. You are quite possibly one of the world's happiest babies!

Although, you're still not entirely sure about the big camera covering my face. I don't blame you on that one though.

With you crawling at 6 months, climbing the stairs by 9 months and walking before a year, we think that charming smile might make you more of a handful than Isaac!

We're totally not complaining though, because you fit right into our crazy family.

Sweet boy, we love you so much.

Thank you for all that you bring to our family.

We pray that we are able to raise you in a way that strengthens all of your gifts and protects your inherent sweetness.


Hold on baby boy, the years are just going to fly by now.

New Day

This is almost all that I have to say about this:

When I booked 7 weddings in a 6 week span,  I knew it would be difficult. I have not been disappointed in that assumption. The line between work and downtime is non-existent and there has been no rest. My spirits are low and the effects are evident almost everywhere. My carefully established boundaries have been annihilated.

But, today is a new day.

I only have 4 weddings in July and it's a nice downhill slope from there.

Today is a new day.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ.
1 Thes 5:16-18

Helper indeed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

You know how I say that Ezra is pretty much the sweetest boy ever? It's because I really truly believe he is. Early on in his infancy, I realized that I didn't hold him as much as I remember holding Isaac due to his ability to continue sleeping when put down and all of Isaac's needs that required two of my hands.

Just recently, I realized that I don't think I kiss him as frequently as I remember lavishing Isaac in kisses.

Thankfully, for both of these realizations, it doesn't seem to have created a stoic child. Ezra will literally grab for your arm as you're putting food on his high chair tray and try to hug it. There is no doubt when he wraps both of his arms around your neck that you know he is giving you his biggest embrace.  

I just love how he loves.

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.
1 John 3:1

Hand Foot & Mouth

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Sunday our plan was to head over to my dad's as soon as Isaac woke up from his nap, the slight problem we ran into was that he woke up with a 103F fever. He could not be deterred from wanting to go to Papa Tom's, so after a slower start, we made our way over.

And then Ezra shot up with a 103F as well.

I just had a feeling that this was not going to be a random fever and then all back to good, so Tony took Monday, since the boys couldn't go to my Mom's until they were fever free for 24 hours. You know that angel that Levi's marrying, well she offered to come over to help us out, so Tony was able to get some work done on Monday and not get too far behind.
Watching Ice Age 3 with my sick little guy.Oh man, he completely sacked out without a nuk. My poor boys.

We let them go without medication Monday and thankfully neither had a fever yesterday while I was home with them, but I noticed that Ezra had two blisters on his tongue. The fever and blisters made me pretty certain that we were dealing with HF&M, but because Ezra has such sensitive skin and he has crazy reactions to bug bites, I brought him in to the after hours clinic for an official diagnosis.
The doctor wasn't at all concerned about the above bug bite thankfully, even though it looks awful! We did get a confirmed diagnosis of HF&M and I found out that I'd completely overlooked the little blisters on Ezra's finger tips and his heels. I was fairly confident given that they had the same fever in the exact same timeframe that Isaac had it too and sure enough, once I knew what I was looking for I found the same little blisters on Isaac fingertips and the heels of his feet.

My poor little buddies. 

Of course this had to be when Isaac was super sweet about sharing his cups with Ezra!

The Best Choice

Monday, June 18, 2012

The best choice I ever made in this life, aside from accepting Christ as my Savior, was choosing Tony as my husband.

He is kind.

He is smart.

He is tender-hearted.

He is handsome.

He is loyal, to a fault.

He is my complement.

And I knew he would be an amazing father. 

Whether there is one glass of wine in me or not, [but it's an automatic given if there is] I don't go more than a week without sharing that the best choice I ever made for my family was choosing Tony.

And I mean it. every.single.time


My boys don't know any different than unconditional love and support from Tony and I'm so thankful he is my husband.

Tony's character and ability to show love were shaped over a series of life events in his 27 years, but in an instant he became a father.
2009 Apr 25 104

They always say that viewing your husband hold your child for the first time make you fall in love with them again. I'm so blessed to have beheld those moments twice! Thank you Tony for being every bit the man that I fell in love with the first time and the second time.

In addition to all the little . . .

And big memory making moments in between.

Our sons are amazingly blessed beyond belief to have you as their father. I have no doubt that they are going to pick up so many more things from you than just an insatiable thirst for milk.

I already know that they picked up on your persistence. I can't wait to see what other of your characteristics that you embody daily for them that they'll absorb.

Thank you for your commitment to our family and affirming daily, that I truly did make the best choice.

ps:: Happy birthday too. :)


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