Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes, this is exactly how I want Isaac to walk around every day. Completely protected, the cooler version of bubble wrap.

Since Isaac was an infant we have had a difficult time finding a doctor that we absolutely love. We started out with the family doctor that actually saw my delivery, as in me being born, left and returned to him. Neither Tony or I care for the other physician at the practice, at all, due to conversations he's had with us at different appointments and sadly that really influences how much we like our doctor. Sometimes the backup is just as important . . . and one shouldn't question paternity in small talk! Our doctor was unavailable this week, leaving the other doctor as our only choice . . . so I made an appointment with a different doctor at a different clinic.

Can't hurt right?

Do you respect your child's doctor? Do you feel like they know who you are and are invested in your family? I wonder if I expect too much.

ps :: The above hockey gear was all picked up for less than $30 at the Stillwater/WBL Just Between Friends sale!

pps :: When my Mom called me because Isaac was in pain this morning he very simply asked "Mama, I want you to come home." So heartbreaking.

ppps :: Why didn't we listen to our pastor who recommended living off of one income straight away from the beginning of our marriage?


Katie said...

We initially chose our doctor based on her name....sprinkle. We left her because we moved so we saw a different clinic. We have since returned because I couldn't find a doctor that I liked as much. I just love that she is a lot like us. More conservative in her thinking than the other doctors we saw. Super hard to find a doctor you love and trust!

Emily said...

I LOVE our pediatrician, but I'll say that we rarely see her (knock on wood) or other doctors in the practice, so who knows if that would change if we were in for more than the well-checks. But they're receptive to my "I don't think we need the Hep A vaccine at 18 months, we'll check back if we travel abroad or in many years..."

That being said, I've yet to find a doc for me that I like. So I understand the frustration!

Megan said...

We really like our pedi, but hardly see the other doctors in her office. I think what I like best about her is that she KNOWS us... before even seeing us in the room, she'll say hi to us in the hallway when the boys are getting checked out. She remembers little things about my boys... Jaxon's love for trains and Cohen's milk allergies. She has also called us HERSELF, not her nurse. That's what is important to me.

Bethany said...

When Olivia was born, we had no clue who would be her pediatrician. In my mind, I thought I would just call the office and schedule with whoever would get us in when she needed to be seen. I was very niave in the matter. Than...I seriously believe this...He knew the road we would travel with Olivia and put our pediatrician into our lives. I tell her at every appointment that God intervened that way and blessed us with such a caring, invested doctor.

She listens, communicates with both Olivia and us, and most importantly takes her time. She is so thorough. & when something doesn't seem right to her, SHE calls us, not the nurse.

It may take a few peds to go through before you find the right fit, because truthfully...knowing and trusting your gut with who is seeing your child is really important.

Good luck - I will be praying the perfect match blesses you and Isaac.

Sara said...

We love our pediatrician, but I think we got lucky. He was recommended by a few friends, and we couldn't be happier with how he treats us and our little guy. He actually talks TO us, not down to us, and is a very patient and re-assuring person. He is wonderful with our son, and that's one of the most important factors in my book. Thankfully, we are there rarely, and have only seen our pediatrician and none of the other docs. I have some friends who are less than pleased with their pediatricians and are still trying to find the right one, or they are just settling with the one they have.

I really wish I could say that I have this much love for my own primary care physician. If I had it my way, I would see my OB all the time for all of my needs. :-)

Jill said...

Before Coen was born, we interviewed two different dr.'s at two different practices. We could just tell that one was a better fit than the other and he's out-done himself on several occasions. I even have his personal cell (which I've never used) but could if something really needed attention.

Sometimes you just have to switch because it's not a good fit and I wouldn't feel guilty about it. I've had lots of friends do this in order to find the right fit. I hope this new clinic and dr. works out for you.

We do have a NP at our current clinic that we refuse to see because of her lack of attention or ability to do her job. It's just one of those things and for us, that's one dr. out of 5 to pick from, so we are just in a good spot.

I hate that you're having to deal with this. So frustrating!

Kim said...

Honestly, I called the office to get an appointment with another physician and they told me he wasn't accepting patients, so I just randomly chose our Doctor. However, he is great. I didn't think I would like him but now I love him. He works directly with his wife who is his nurse and they just have the same parenting values as we do. I feel lucky that we have established a realtionship with him and that he knows us (and our kids) well enough to remeber every detail about our family. We have never seen any other Doctor in the practice, only him.

When K was 3 months old, we landed in the ER with RSV, they called him just to notify him that she was there and he came in at 11pm to tell us what he and the ER doctor recomend, and then came to the hospital everyday himself even if he wasn't on call. I really like that if I call his nurse line, he will call me back. That means a lot. He also can talk me through my concerns and make me feel better without dragging my kids to his office and charging for an office visit. He is also awesome in that he tells my husband to buy me flowers, take me to dinner, etc when he takes the kids in without me :) I truly feel lucky to have landed with him.

I hope you find someone you love soon.

Raquel said...

I can't say I love any doctor in general but I do like my peditrician. For instance my daughter has severe reflux and feeding issues ... he asked me what I wanted...this means so much when you are a worried Mom. Even if it was extreme the course of action I suggested is just what "we" did. No miracle happened but my voice was heard.

Jen said...

I like our main pediatrician, but am not a fan of 3 of the other 5 pediatrians in the office. Luckily we've been healthy lately, so it's been okay.

Leslie G said...

This is so tough.
When Kylie was born, we found out she was a carrier for Sickle Cell Disease. It's standard at 9 months to do more bloodwork for that disease, and at that appointment her pedi reviewed her bloodwork and told us she actually had the disease- she wasnt just a carrier. Jon and I were devastated, and that is an understatement. The disease comes with severe pain episodes where people can be hospitalized because of the intense pain. It meant no sports, no swimming and a slew of other limitations- including a good possibility she would have a stroke before she was 5.
We prayed and prayed. Our church prayed over her many times. We got on our knees and prayed daily, that somehow this was a mistake and she didn't have it.
Long story short, we saw a hematologist for her about 2 months later and she told us Kylie did not have the disease, but was indeed a carrier as we learned when she was born (I am also a carrier). What an answer to prayer- it was a mistake, as we prayed that it would be!

Her doctor misdiagnosed her. After much praying and thinking, we decided to keep seeing her. She's a
fantastic doctor and my gut tells me that. She cares very much and takes as much time as I need with her. Pray about it, listen to your gut.

Anonymous said...

I like our doctor (we see a family doctor) and I do respect her because she respects me. She is every supportive of extended breastfeeding and she has never once made me feel like a negligent mom for not vaccinating. She's very respectful, even though she has a differing opinion, and I really value that.

I'm the kind of person that likes to do my own research and make my own choices, rather than leaving them up to my doctor, so implicit trust isn't something I need to have in a doctor. As long as they are friendly and willing to follow my lead, I'm a happy camper.

Mo said...

I like our doctor, but I wouldn't say I've ever "loved" our doctor unfortunately. I always feel like I am being pesky, asking too many questions, etc. I work in health care so maybe I am just over-sensitive to taking up their time.

How heartbreaking what Isaac said! My baby boy can't talk yet, but I'm sure he'd say the same thing some days :(

Adrienne said...

While I don't have babies [yet], I still understand the concerns about having a good doctor. I hope he feels better soon!!!!

Unknown said...

For the most part I like our pediatrician. Sometimes I walk out of her office feeling like I don't know what I'm doing as a mom but lately I've sucked it up and said to myself "NO! I'm the mom. I have the final say." Recently she's been pretty supportive and I was absolutely blown away when she was a-okay with our grain-free diet. She's growing on me ;) But I absolutely trust her with my children, which is the most important thing, right? :)

Anonymous said...

We love our pediatrician. A lot. We randomly chose this specific office (where there are 5 doctors), and saw 1 lady at the hospital when Ethan was born who we didn't really care for (from the same office). The very next day, Ethan was getting circumcised, and our current pediatrician did it. We KNEW we had to stick with him from then on, and we see him for every single appointment (unless we call in last-minute for something else, and he isn't available). He comes in the room, bright and happy, and shakes my hand, says, "Hello, Mrs. Barndt! How are you?" and remembers that Jarrod is in the Army...asks him questions about the Army, how he is, etc. When he tells us things, we feel we can trust him 100% on what he's saying, and we feel he genuinely is concerned when we are, and will try to help us when we don't need to be concerned. Does that make sense?

That all said - I'm sorry you haven't been able to find someone. I can understand your desire to find the "perfect" doctor, though. You definitely need to have someone who you feel is invested in your family.

Bree said...

So far we like our ped. office. We have been seing an NP mostly, but I like the office and everyone we've seen so far. We had quite a few visits at the beginning getting bilirubin tests. Finding the right doctor is s important. Time will tell for us...wishing you luck with the new one.

Also, that picture is too much! I bet he loved putting his on. You got a great deal! Looks like its in great shape.

Julie S. said...

So far we LOVE our pediatrician, but there is one dr. in the office that I am not crazy about. Mostly because when I have seen him, he compares what my kids have to what his had, blah blah.... it's annoying sometimes. I am proud of you for listening to your gut :) that's hard to do sometimes.


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