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Thursday, May 24, 2012


After yesterday's visit with the new doctor we now know several things like: Isaac needs more fiber in his diet, he has molloscum contagiosum [a semi contagious rash that will spread or go away], Ezra probably has poison ivy, and that we may have found a new doctor.
This kiddo is too cool to sleep tonight and a bonus peek at suspected poison ivy.
[blistered welts on his arm and three more on his head]

There will be more to come, but based on his demeanor with Isaac, the manner in which he spoke with me and that he shared he has 5 children with Hebrew names, well, I'm more than willing to give him a chance. I know that's not a ton to go off of right now, but it's definitely a step in the right direction!

I finally purchased Isaac's first year photo book from Blurb. I've made books in basically every photo book software, but haven't been completely satisfied with the layout, so I haven't followed through on the purchase. Today, I finally just took the plunge . . . and then realized one of the main reasons I hadn't purchased . . . after I hit submit. I had been undecided what to title the book, as going forward these books are going to be more like family albums than each child's separate yearly album. Oh well, even if it's misnamed or we change the naming going forward, it's progress!
It's only taken a few years and multiple attempts, but in finally ordering Isaac's first year book!
[I'm really proud of myself to have kept it to 107 pages. :)]

A co-op group is offering 20% of Toms, for orders placed by this weekend, and I'm really contemplating getting a pair. My shoes are always Target clearance though, so even with the 20% and providing a pair of shoes to someone who needs them, I'm having a hard time justifying shoes over $30.

What do you guys think?
Green Apple Canvas Women's Classics
Yay or Nay at 20% off?

I received several encouraging emails lately, here are a few excerpts:

"When my mom once was telling her teacher friends (she's a special education teacher) about [my son] and how I was struggling, one who has all boys chimed in "I love my boys spunky". That was a game changer for me when I heard that.  That is him, spunky.  It's not a cakewalk.  But he will do great things. . . My advice to you is just as when you run you have to think about just the mile you're in, think about the moment or day you're in with your boys.  Trust that you and Tony will do what's best for the boys.  You may make mistakes, they will not harm Isaac or Ezra. And thank your lucky stars he hasn't asked anyone to pinch his nipples and make people wonder what goes on at your house! :)"

"I read your blog. I connect, although not because I have a three year old, no I am 13 years past that. I have a 16 year old. And there are a few similarities lemme tell ya! However, I will say, you will all be fine and dandy and there will be a honey-moon again with your parenting. Just think of all the independence and muscle he wants to flex! The execution of it is awkward though and clunky and sometimes just a bit hurtful to the ones they love the most.... (at 16 and at 3)"

Isaac had a fantastic day yesterday . . . and then this morning already he's pinched, hit and pulled hair. :/

When Tony got home yesterday he asked me "P and B?" Does this have any meaning to any of you? Because it's turned into a once a week occurrence in our house.

Target had some adorable mint pants that finally fit me, so I was able to fulfill my desire to try them on! I ended up passing on them, but I really liked them! And the clearanced tank.
I passed, but finally found a pair if mint jeans in my size . . . And I likes them! #toocheap2btrendy

Isaac had another awful nosebleed at the lovely hour of 2:30am Tuesday morning, which resulted in this beautiful scene.
Brought to you by a 2:30am toddler nosebleed.

Cue the tears. This boy is walking.


mrsmeyer said...

Have you tried Tom's on in person? Because I find them incredibly non-supportive, and worse: unflattering! :)

Ole Miss Mom said...

I love that Target outfit! The turquoise is great looking on you! Can't believe you passed on the pants and tank! Next time! ;)

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

I order all my personal books through blurb and have always loved the results!

Meredith said...

I'm long overdue to actually order a photo book. Way to go!

And Ezra is WALKING?! When? How did that happen?!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Toms...they have some cute wedges, but I don't like their classic shoes. But that's just me personally - I know they are really popular.

YAY for the blurb book! I always have a hard time naming mine as well.

And I totally agree with the thought that Isaac is going to be an AWESOME man...that spunk is going to be a wonderful thing. And is now, even though it can be tough.

P&B - no clue. Peanut butter and bananas? Haha, I really don't know...

Rose said...

You will love your blurb book! I love all the ones I've done and they are such treasures. :o) what is p and b?? Am I missing something??

Jill said...

Glad the doctor is potentially working out! Makes you feel better for a little bit, at least.

Love the Toms. Jealous about the Blurb Book, but it's going to be awesome!

P&B.... park & beer? Pickles & brats? Patio & beer?!?! I don't know. I'm thinking it has to do with beer, but I'm totally just craving one on these really hot nights. That's just me.

Cannot believe Ezra is walking! Good for him! Can't wait to see a video of this!

Anonymous said...

P&B = pj's and bed?

Emily said...

I ADORE my Toms. I got them for my birthday and I wear them everywhere I can. They're light and airy. I mean, you don't want to go running in them obviously, but they're great for a good slip on — in my opinion — and I paid full price. haha

Cassie said...

I was always a big Tom's fan too, but after owning two pairs and them failing apart in less than 6 months, they are just not worth it. They are not worth the cost. It is great that they send a pair to those that need them, but at the end of the day the shoes are really not all that they should be.

Adrienne said...

Congrats for walking and [maybe] a new doctor! I am with you on the justifying shoe purchases, but 20% off seems like a good deal :)

Praise Jesus for encouragement in your life! Your kids are beautiful and wonderful! Happy Weekend! [almost]

Peach said...

I love TOMS! They are one of two pairs of shoes I pack when traveling overseas and they are perfect. May I ask what the company is that is offering a discount? I could use another pair!

Faith said...

I LOVE my Toms. I was so anti Toms because I thought they were ugly and then I tried on a pair. I now own 3. Plus I can't wear flats after my foot surgery, but these don't cause me any problems. I wore them all over our Europe trip.

You do need to try them on. I think all three of mine are different sizes.


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