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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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There are so many things that Tony and I dislike about our house. I wouldn't even venture to name them, for it'd be rather depressing. Essentially, as I've mentioned before, if there was one thing we could change, we'd have never bought our house.

But . . .

Each night, viewing these scenes, I feel a little more at peace.

Just like we imagined, a swingset.

What we didn't anticipate, brothers.

Isaac loves to push Ezra around in his little car from Uncle Levi.

Ezra loves to be pushed around in the little car by Isaac.

Glad that one worked out! :)

So thankfully, although the house may be small, we're using the backyard to it's full potential as we'd hoped we would, even when encountering the fence debacle.

These two are definitely getting their monies worth out of spring and the outdoors via our backyard.

God is good.


Kelly Bartlett said...

Your fence is amazing. That had to be a lot of work!

Love the pictures of the boys playing in the yard together.

I get it about the house regret. We regret building our home. Is anyone really ever happy with what they have?

Sara said...

I understand about the whole house thing, too. If I could have a 'do-over' I don't think me and my husband would have bought our house.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Love this! Your yard is gorgeous. We put up a fence this year, too. And I'm with you. We loved our house before we had kids, but we barely lived here a year before we had kids. Totally shouldn't have bought this house.

Megalamode said...

I understand the house regret. We overall really like our home, but it's started to seem smaller and smaller. Moving out of an apt it seemed huge, but now not so much.

HOWEVER, your yard is AMAZING!!! Ours is tiny. It's gorgeous.

Bekah said...

Brothers rock!

Also, I didnt realize I have been reading your blog for so long! Haha I remember the fence drama unfolding. Oh those neighbors!

Erin said...

Oh I definitely regret buying our house, but I also love some things that have come from us living here, namely knowing our neighbors. Oh well! Their outfits are soooo cute!

Cropped Stories said...

Yes, it looks like you have some great land there! Great pics; they are too cute! I have to get that car for my little one!

DianeTaylor said...

Pure bliss, Leah - that beautiful set will be the scene of many happy memories for YEARS to come :)

Jill said...

I wish I had a portion of your yard... That's so awesome for your family and for your boys to just run in! How freeing!

Jenkins said...

We regret our house too, but mostly because we do not have a yard like yours. Beautiful yard and beautiful boys!


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