Four Frames

Monday, May 7, 2012

This weekend was spent in four ways:  photographing two engagement sessions and a newborn session, snuggling my littlest, running and dealing with a 3 year old.

Little cuddlebug is hard to resist.  #vscocam
Ezra, oh my sweet Ezra. I can't believe how big you've gotten already. I feel like I could take a thousand pictures of you a day and not capture you well enough. You are the epitome of sweetness.

Mildly obsessed. #socuteitsnotfair
I'm mildly obsessed with this newborn session and am so thankful that I was able to shoot them. They had a disastrous session with a family friend and reached out to me, after seeing my work for their friends. They are such an adorable couple and their little man slept like a charm.

10 miles down, not without pain. 13.1 next Saturday. #vscocam #halfmarathontraining
I had some pain as I finished Thursday's 5 mile run, couldn't run more than 100 yards on Saturday and completely re-threaded my laces on Sunday to be able to check off my 10 mile long run. I felt pretty good and maintained just under 10:00/miles, but as soon as I finished my left foot gave me some excruciating pain. Not sure what's going on, but I'm glad it's my taper week.

5 minutes before he flipped his crap.
Last night was hands down one of the hardest nights of parenting, ever. Isaac had a less than fantastic day, but managed fine enough. Tony had late softball and after I laid Ezra down, Isaac and I enjoyed some downtime, just playing, the two of us. We were playing with his Cars playdoh and then his Cars memory game. It was so picturesque, how nice he was being, completely animated in the stories he was telling me. And then. I announced it was bed time.

It was like he was replaced with an out of control [something]. I do believe he seriously went insane for a few minutes. It took every ounce of my being to not scream at him or spank him with a utensil. Somehow, I managed to avoid both and I eventually won the battle, with a shred of dignity left.

Once he slept, I went in and prayed over him. I felt so close to doing something that would have changed our relationship.

And to think, I thought I was going to write about baby fever today.


Unknown said...

Last week I had that feeling - wanting to strangle my little one for freaking me out and making me hysterical. Prayer is amazing and essential. We can't so this alone, that is for sure.

What a lovely newborn shoot.

Meredith said...

Such a good reminder for me that praying for our kids goes hand-in-hand with disciplining them.

I'm sorry for the rough night, and I so understand...guess what parenting book I'm part-way through ;)

Molly said...

Okay, I just wrote about 3-year-old tantrums today. And I pretty much sugar coated it because I don't want Landon to read it back someday and think he was horrible or something. But we have been having major trouble with the tantrums lately. And I am just DONE.

Megan said...

Yes, thank you for that reminder to pray for them. The other night after a HORRIBLE day with Jaxon, I went into his room and just cried next to his bed.

Parenting is no joke, that's for sure.

Kelly Bartlett said...

Three year olds can be trying. Well, all ages can be trying... ;) They are testing their responses and learning how the world works. Just know that his bits of temper crazed anger is really him learning more about cause and reaction and expressing emotions. The best thing you can do is give him guidance and understanding. Hard to do, absolutely, but he's building his character one day at a time. ((HUGS))

Kim said...

I have a lot of days where I am amout to loose it on K. After each incident is over I feel bad for the way I acted, I never wanted to be a Mom that yells, but I find myself doing it more often that not ((hugs))

Cropped Stories said...

I'm sorry you had such a tough night. When my little one acts like this, I call her an animal. I noticed you didn't have a name for it. Yeah I usually say things to my little one like "we are not animals in this house." :o)

Julie S. said...

Brayden has been more than a handful lately, and I have come thisclose to just absolutely losing it. Thanks for the reminder that A, I am not alone, and B- prayer is powerful!

Noe said...

I think I have not said this enough, so here we go again: your photos are stunning Leah! you do a great job!

Lil Ezra looks adorable, in fact you can tell how sweet he is by just looking at the photos.
Sorry abt the rough time getting along with the big boy, I like to think they go through phases..maybe it'll go away. You are a great mother, don't ever doubt it.

Jen said...

I pray for patience pretty much every day. Three year olds are challenging!

ThoughtsON said...

There must have been something in the air last night. B refused to go to sleep as well and unfortunately woke up basically every three hours as if he was a newborn instead of nearly a year old.
Love what you said about going in and praying over him and holding back instead of doing something drastic that would change more than just a single night.

Jill said...

I love that picture of you and Ezra! So sweet.

I'm so sorry about Isaac. That's got to be so tough. I don't know how I will handle those situations, but it sounds like you really held it together.

Coen's acting out while fighting bed time is gnawing on his crib and getting white chipped paint all over himself... it's so maddening. I don't know how to stop it, but I'm hoping that today I can find something to cover the crib to avoid this gnawing. It's just so upsetting that the one who used to be so calm and would easily go down is now the biggest culprit to meltdowns. Ugh.


ashavenue said...

Ha! Glad he could take care of that fever for you. No really, it is sooooo hard sometimes when they flip their lid. I've dealt with this several times in the past with my 4 yo. It's just a matter of patiently awaiting for them to spin back down to reality and begin to reason with them. We have had to physically restrain the fits by laying across her before. Its so draining to deal with. Unfortunately there have been a few times that I flipped and yelled, screamed practically. You are doing the right thing by not. I felt terrible. Its almost like they go through phases. Like 2 weeks of struggle, with 1 month of goodness, and then its back to testing boundaries. Its a cycle. Hang in there. You know youre not alone! And, if nothing else, he's helping you make it to July with the baby fever!

Fran said...

I ran across your blog several months ago - and really enjoy reading it. RE: your post about the temper tantrums, etc. and your reaction - I love where you said, "I felt so close to doing something that would have changed our relationship." I am 59 years old - and have two grown sons, and 2 grandsons - and trust me - I've been where you are. I'm sure I lost my temper and screamed and probably spanked more than I should have. I have a great relationship with my sons, but even today I regret the times I "lost it." They certainly have never mentioned those times and it probably bothers me a lot worse than it bothers them. However, with all that being said - I remember one time when my dad took a belt to me and wore me out. To be clear, this was not a normal occurrence, and I would not EVEN compare it to "abuse," but.. after that, I never looked at my dad in exactly the same way. In some way, I felt shame and/or embarrassment. It did not scar our father/daughter relationship, but I always felt that something happened that day to make us look at each other differently.
Just keep doing what you are doing. Your boys are adorable and it's clear that you and your husband are great parents.


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