Ezra: Ten Months

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I have a huge lump in my throat as I begin this post. It hardly seems possible.

My sweet boy, you are just everything our family ever needed. Your name means helper and oh, you have. You've been an amazing salve, soothing us with your smiles when we're stressed out by toddler antics or too much work. Your temperament has not changed one lick. You seriously are amazingly happy.

You continued your infatuation with the steps and are really too quick for your own good!

You love to hang out with your Daddy and have gotten quite the hang of sippy cups and even the Camelbak!

This is one of my most favorite portraits of you. Those brown eyes just reduce me to puddles.

Another would be this one, from your first Easter. You were a big fan of the Easter egg hunt, even if you didn't get to indulge in the prizes.

You started clapping and waving this month with great regularity.

And are still adored by your brother, except when you're trying to play with his new birthday toys.

We were separated this month, for the longest amount of time, when we went up to Brainerd with Gina and Matt. I made sure to take quite a few pictures of you and with you before we left!

Before we left, I was sick at the thought of being away so long!

You make everything better!

But I knew that it would be really good for everyone to have some time apart. So, again, I took a ton of pictures and came back to two very happy boys.
Let the missing before leaving begin.UntitledBeginning the goodbyes. #weekendawayCan't put into words how much I missed this face.

Isaac got very upset with me the other day in the Jeep and I couldn't figure out why. You had been babbling away and apparently Isaac was convinced you were saying "Mama" and was very upset that I wasn't talking to you! I can't wait until you do more than just babble, but for now I'll take the signing of "more" and hearing mama randomly.

Love you soooo much.


Megan said...

He is such a sweetie, I just know it!

Julia Goolia said...

I do not know how he's gotten so BIG but I just love him.

Erin said...

Ohh he is just adorable - sounds like an absolute dream baby for sure! :) I just always love his outfits :)

Sara McCarty said...

Oh my goodness!! PLEASE please please tell me where you got that adorable vest and tie outfit! Our little one is going to be in a wedding in October and that would be perfect for him!


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