The Case of Poor Communication

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cast of Characters:
Preschool A :: Where Isaac will be going this fall.
Preschool B :: Preschool we liked when arranging fall preschool, but is inconveniently located.
Preschool C :: Preschool we did not consider for fall preschool, but is conveniently located.

When it became very clear to my Mom and I that Isaac would need some distraction, some outside influence, just something to help bear his exuberance, I started to frantically search for a summer preschool program. At the rate things were going just over two weeks ago, there was no way my Mom was going to make it to fall.

Unfortunately, Preschool A, where Isaac will be going in the fall does not offer summer school. My first choice was then Preschool B, which Tony and I both liked, but finally determined was too out of the way. I was so happy to pull up their website and find that they did indeed offer summer sessions, before school care and potentially drop in daycare! The preschool director had been very responsive to my emails when I made inquiries for fall preschool, so I felt comfortable with submitting the summer school application and quickly completed it Friday, the 18th.

And when I submit, nothing happened.

There was no confirmation.

No next step.

There was no information posted on the site what to expect next either.

So I waited.

Given that the summer session started in just over a week and that it was clearly labeled an application, which would imply some sort of response, I emailed on Monday. I had no idea if they were full and wanted confirmation before assuming that my child would be attending their preschool in a week.

After no response in 24 hours, again I should say the director had responded very quickly in our past emails, I called on Tuesday. I left a message with someone with the preschool who assured me the director was out for the day, but that she was in the office and agreed that I definitely needed to know an answer!

When I still hadn't heard anything on Thursday, I was beyond annoyed.

So I started looking for another preschool and as luck would have it, found Preschool C, which is very close to us with a summer preschool! I emailed to find out availability, was answered within two hours and had my registration form and check in the mail in 5 minutes.

By the end of the day Friday, there still had been no response from Preschool B.

Imagine my surprise to receive an email from Preschool B detailing the first week information, because according to their records we were signed up!


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like it worked out since C is more convenient to you all. I'm glad to hear you've found a solution for Isaac. :)

Jill said...

Preschools aside... it's a business and in this day and age, I'm surprised that some businesses survive when they employ staff like this. Amazing.

Glad something worked out for you guys and that it ended up better than B, anyway... :)

Megan said...

So annoying. Kind of like the photographer I was second shooting for never responding to me and then sending me a text the night of the shoot asking where I was. Hmph.

Glad you have the preschool situation figured out... would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it once it starts. I am just starting to look into it for Jaxon and feeling super overwhelmed with all the options!

Julie S. said...

That is so irritating. Seriously. BUT, I am glad it worked out! :)


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