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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sometimes, I feel like I could pinch myself.

Three years ago, shooting weddings, by myself, wasn't even a path that I let my heart consider.

Now, it's old hand.

Well, not quite. I still get nerves.

A lot of them. I understand the importance and the responsibility.

I'm giddy at the prospect of this season. I have several gorgeous weddings this year. Each an opportunity to be a blessing. 

Starting Sunday, I have a wedding every weekend, with one Friday/Saturday, straight through the month with a break the first weekend of July. And then, it's every weekend, again with a Friday/Saturday, straight through until August. It's about to get crazy around these parts.

And I couldn't do it without Tony.

Just like he couldn't do hockey season without me.

We're quite the team, he and I.

I'm going to miss my family a lot this summer. It will in no way resemble the beauty that was the summer of 2011, aka the best three months of my life.

But I can't believe how blessed I am to be living this life, even with all of the stress.


Jill said...

Rock it out! It'll be great and your family will be at home waiting for you! You love this, so just do it up...

Have fun!

DianeTaylor said...

I am praying so hard that God's plan for you includes doing this full time!

Mo said...

Yes yes! I hope you get to do this full time too! You are such an amazing photographer. I love the saying "do your best and God will do the rest"... keep doin' your best girl! God will bless you!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Whoo hoo! Get it girl!


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