Wait and See

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saturday night, while I laid next to Isaac in the camper as he settled down to go to sleep, we had some pretty sweet conversations. After a few minutes of just tender talk with my oldest, I told him "Isaac, you're amazing." His response? "Mama, I love Jesus. And God."  

Of course I started crying.

For all the times that I've questioned myself and our choices.

For all the times lately that asking Isaac to pray with us has triggered anger.

Oh it was a balm to my heart.

So was this blog post, also sent my way by encouraging reader via email.

This boy? He's a certifiable stinker, but God's not through with him yet.

Or me.
 There is hope for me yetBecause God won't forget, All the plans he's made for me
I have to wait and see,
He's not finished with me yet, He's not finished with me yet Brandon Heath :: Wait and See

On repeat . . In my head

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The Case of Poor Communication

Cast of Characters:
Preschool A :: Where Isaac will be going this fall.
Preschool B :: Preschool we liked when arranging fall preschool, but is inconveniently located.
Preschool C :: Preschool we did not consider for fall preschool, but is conveniently located.

When it became very clear to my Mom and I that Isaac would need some distraction, some outside influence, just something to help bear his exuberance, I started to frantically search for a summer preschool program. At the rate things were going just over two weeks ago, there was no way my Mom was going to make it to fall.

Unfortunately, Preschool A, where Isaac will be going in the fall does not offer summer school. My first choice was then Preschool B, which Tony and I both liked, but finally determined was too out of the way. I was so happy to pull up their website and find that they did indeed offer summer sessions, before school care and potentially drop in daycare! The preschool director had been very responsive to my emails when I made inquiries for fall preschool, so I felt comfortable with submitting the summer school application and quickly completed it Friday, the 18th.

And when I submit, nothing happened.

There was no confirmation.

No next step.

There was no information posted on the site what to expect next either.

So I waited.

Given that the summer session started in just over a week and that it was clearly labeled an application, which would imply some sort of response, I emailed on Monday. I had no idea if they were full and wanted confirmation before assuming that my child would be attending their preschool in a week.

After no response in 24 hours, again I should say the director had responded very quickly in our past emails, I called on Tuesday. I left a message with someone with the preschool who assured me the director was out for the day, but that she was in the office and agreed that I definitely needed to know an answer!

When I still hadn't heard anything on Thursday, I was beyond annoyed.

So I started looking for another preschool and as luck would have it, found Preschool C, which is very close to us with a summer preschool! I emailed to find out availability, was answered within two hours and had my registration form and check in the mail in 5 minutes.

By the end of the day Friday, there still had been no response from Preschool B.

Imagine my surprise to receive an email from Preschool B detailing the first week information, because according to their records we were signed up!

Peaks and Valleys

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This weekend was good. Fun and challenging and just good.

Here's the IG photobomb of our weekend camping with my family and my first wedding of the season [oh, what a wedding!].
Can we speed things up please? I'm terribly antsy for this work day to end! #longweekend30 seconds with Isaac. #oppositeofboring
You mean we should have this progressed a bit further for 9:40pm?First ever cheers with my mom. #lightcider
What you're missing @rossettibr06. #allsfairinloveandwarFirst camping experience. Last year he was in my belly. Aw memories. #dontmisstheheartburn
Love the view, but not the rain."Hey you guys, it's raining! Get inside!"
Kiiiind of feel like this is Sid's toy graveyard.Pretty much adorable, little kids headbutting.
❤ I could get used to this.Sweet boy.
Tried to actually do my hair, with a little pouf and back comb. I feel like someone's going to say "You're doing it wrong!"I really can't think of a better way to start the wedding season than being invited to the bride's worship and devotional time before starting the days festivities!
For.freaking.real. #whatawaytostartAaaamazing beginning to the wedding season! So glad to have @faithfloats247 by my side.
Candy bar bingo with Grandma. #latergramEverybody needs camp coffee. #latergram
Isaac: "mama, I'm trying to stop my eyes from scratching. I'm not tired." Me: "why do you think they're itching?" Isaac: "I think I had too much cereal."This happened waaaay to quickly. #11months #ezrajohn
Dinner at Papa Toms!Total cheese all!
These two are always up to no good!Ezra didn't want me to forget him today, so he head butted me with a little extra love.

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And, it's here.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sometimes, I feel like I could pinch myself.

Three years ago, shooting weddings, by myself, wasn't even a path that I let my heart consider.

Now, it's old hand.

Well, not quite. I still get nerves.

A lot of them. I understand the importance and the responsibility.

I'm giddy at the prospect of this season. I have several gorgeous weddings this year. Each an opportunity to be a blessing. 

Starting Sunday, I have a wedding every weekend, with one Friday/Saturday, straight through the month with a break the first weekend of July. And then, it's every weekend, again with a Friday/Saturday, straight through until August. It's about to get crazy around these parts.

And I couldn't do it without Tony.

Just like he couldn't do hockey season without me.

We're quite the team, he and I.

I'm going to miss my family a lot this summer. It will in no way resemble the beauty that was the summer of 2011, aka the best three months of my life.

But I can't believe how blessed I am to be living this life, even with all of the stress.

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, May 24, 2012


After yesterday's visit with the new doctor we now know several things like: Isaac needs more fiber in his diet, he has molloscum contagiosum [a semi contagious rash that will spread or go away], Ezra probably has poison ivy, and that we may have found a new doctor.
This kiddo is too cool to sleep tonight and a bonus peek at suspected poison ivy.
[blistered welts on his arm and three more on his head]

There will be more to come, but based on his demeanor with Isaac, the manner in which he spoke with me and that he shared he has 5 children with Hebrew names, well, I'm more than willing to give him a chance. I know that's not a ton to go off of right now, but it's definitely a step in the right direction!

I finally purchased Isaac's first year photo book from Blurb. I've made books in basically every photo book software, but haven't been completely satisfied with the layout, so I haven't followed through on the purchase. Today, I finally just took the plunge . . . and then realized one of the main reasons I hadn't purchased . . . after I hit submit. I had been undecided what to title the book, as going forward these books are going to be more like family albums than each child's separate yearly album. Oh well, even if it's misnamed or we change the naming going forward, it's progress!
It's only taken a few years and multiple attempts, but in finally ordering Isaac's first year book!
[I'm really proud of myself to have kept it to 107 pages. :)]

A co-op group is offering 20% of Toms, for orders placed by this weekend, and I'm really contemplating getting a pair. My shoes are always Target clearance though, so even with the 20% and providing a pair of shoes to someone who needs them, I'm having a hard time justifying shoes over $30.

What do you guys think?
Green Apple Canvas Women's Classics
Yay or Nay at 20% off?

I received several encouraging emails lately, here are a few excerpts:

"When my mom once was telling her teacher friends (she's a special education teacher) about [my son] and how I was struggling, one who has all boys chimed in "I love my boys spunky". That was a game changer for me when I heard that.  That is him, spunky.  It's not a cakewalk.  But he will do great things. . . My advice to you is just as when you run you have to think about just the mile you're in, think about the moment or day you're in with your boys.  Trust that you and Tony will do what's best for the boys.  You may make mistakes, they will not harm Isaac or Ezra. And thank your lucky stars he hasn't asked anyone to pinch his nipples and make people wonder what goes on at your house! :)"

"I read your blog. I connect, although not because I have a three year old, no I am 13 years past that. I have a 16 year old. And there are a few similarities lemme tell ya! However, I will say, you will all be fine and dandy and there will be a honey-moon again with your parenting. Just think of all the independence and muscle he wants to flex! The execution of it is awkward though and clunky and sometimes just a bit hurtful to the ones they love the most.... (at 16 and at 3)"

Isaac had a fantastic day yesterday . . . and then this morning already he's pinched, hit and pulled hair. :/

When Tony got home yesterday he asked me "P and B?" Does this have any meaning to any of you? Because it's turned into a once a week occurrence in our house.

Target had some adorable mint pants that finally fit me, so I was able to fulfill my desire to try them on! I ended up passing on them, but I really liked them! And the clearanced tank.
I passed, but finally found a pair if mint jeans in my size . . . And I likes them! #toocheap2btrendy

Isaac had another awful nosebleed at the lovely hour of 2:30am Tuesday morning, which resulted in this beautiful scene.
Brought to you by a 2:30am toddler nosebleed.

Cue the tears. This boy is walking.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes, this is exactly how I want Isaac to walk around every day. Completely protected, the cooler version of bubble wrap.

Since Isaac was an infant we have had a difficult time finding a doctor that we absolutely love. We started out with the family doctor that actually saw my delivery, as in me being born, left and returned to him. Neither Tony or I care for the other physician at the practice, at all, due to conversations he's had with us at different appointments and sadly that really influences how much we like our doctor. Sometimes the backup is just as important . . . and one shouldn't question paternity in small talk! Our doctor was unavailable this week, leaving the other doctor as our only choice . . . so I made an appointment with a different doctor at a different clinic.

Can't hurt right?

Do you respect your child's doctor? Do you feel like they know who you are and are invested in your family? I wonder if I expect too much.

ps :: The above hockey gear was all picked up for less than $30 at the Stillwater/WBL Just Between Friends sale!

pps :: When my Mom called me because Isaac was in pain this morning he very simply asked "Mama, I want you to come home." So heartbreaking.

ppps :: Why didn't we listen to our pastor who recommended living off of one income straight away from the beginning of our marriage?

Our Backyard

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

*Reminder, we're done to the wire with the Orajel giveaway! Get your comment in here

There are so many things that Tony and I dislike about our house. I wouldn't even venture to name them, for it'd be rather depressing. Essentially, as I've mentioned before, if there was one thing we could change, we'd have never bought our house.

But . . .

Each night, viewing these scenes, I feel a little more at peace.

Just like we imagined, a swingset.

What we didn't anticipate, brothers.

Isaac loves to push Ezra around in his little car from Uncle Levi.

Ezra loves to be pushed around in the little car by Isaac.

Glad that one worked out! :)

So thankfully, although the house may be small, we're using the backyard to it's full potential as we'd hoped we would, even when encountering the fence debacle.

These two are definitely getting their monies worth out of spring and the outdoors via our backyard.

God is good.

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