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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Thank you so much for the encouraging words yesterday. The evening of praise, food, my boys and my run certainly helped pull me up, but I was still carrying a bit of the defeat yesterday morning. I so appreciate the community that blogging fosters, especially in times like these. I knew that I was not alone, but also, that some of my worries are completely inconsequential.

Bummer to skip my run tonight, but duty calls.
Last week I didn't get as much knocked out editing-wise, because Tony needed my help getting the house appraisal ready. We don't have much by way of storage, so that meant a ton of purging and decluttering. The final number came back yesterday and while it's right in line with what we suspected, it still packed a bit of a sobering punch to know for certain. We owe $179,000 and the whopping value of our home is $135,000. The 30 year refinance is still available, but we will not qualify for the 15 year. Now to figure out what to do with that $45K difference, either adding on or selling in the next 5 years or so.

Sessions going out.
Because I got behind on editing, last night I had to make the decision to forgo my 3 mile run. In doing so, I was able to kick out three sessions and get to bed at a decent hour! It's crazy how addicting running can get so quickly, as I had an extremely difficult time accepting that the best decision for me was to skip it. It was almost physically painful to remain seated.

Tony and I are headed up north next weekend for a weekend away. It seriously still feels surreal to be typing that. Back in December, Gina and I scooped up a Groupon deal for a 2 night cabin stay at Kavanaugh's Resort. Tony and I both consider ourselves outdoors people, but the sad reality is that we don't get to spend nearly as much time as we'd like hiking, exploring or camping. We're pretty much ecstatic to get some quality time as a couple, enjoy the beautiful Brainerd area and spend some time with one of our favorite couples. When I called to make the reservation the resort manager had been on the phone most of the morning and seemed weary and to anticipate telling me that our requested date had already been filled. Being that the groupon has to be used by the end of April, he started to laugh when I told him the 2nd week of April and told me that no one was fighting for that late in the season. Given the pleasant early spring, I do feel a little bit like a genius right now.

Any prayers that you could spare for my Mom and the boys for next weekend are greatly appreciated. We didn't leave Isaac overnight for the first time until he was well over one, and that was only for one night, let alone two! I've been able to consistently get Ezra down for naps on the weekends and every night he goes down quite well at 8:00pm . . . but he consistently gets up between 10:30-11:00pm, which is when I take him to bed with me. My Mom also has a little bit more of a difficult time getting him to nap at daycare and to be honest, I'm just not sure how well it's going to. My Mom is one of the ones who stress the importance of needing adult time away to reconnect, but I just worry that things aren't going to go well and she's going to be calling or texting.

So far no progress has been made in assembling Isaac's birthday present, which is his playground. Our weekends have been so full, mine especially, that it's really not Tony's fault, but with our weekend get away next weekend, Tony pretty much has to do it all this weekend. Considering the fact that we have to level the ground, it's not looking pretty, but I'm going to pitch in as much as possible! I have an early session Saturday and then it'll be all hands on deck, er shovel.

As a follow up to Isaac's night wakings, I don't want to say that we already solved them in one evening, but it dawned on me the other night that Tony had turned the radio off. Growing up we always had a radio on of the local Christian station KTIS. It's something that has come to signify home to me, always having a constant source of praise and worship. Unfortunately, it bothers Tony to hear it on while he's asleep, so sometimes he turns it off. And so, it's been off for quite a few days. Last night I reminded Tony it was off and suggested it might be a good change for Isaac to turn it back on and viola, no night wakings last night!

Two things that are making me extremely happy right now. First, this free printable of the most quoted verse by my Grandma, and incidentally our recessional song by Shane & Shane. And my two silly boys outside of church on Sunday.


Kallie Brelsford said...

I love the Brainerd area! My aunt and uncle live in a cabin on the lake up there. I hope you guys have a great time!

Rose said...

You will have a great time in Brainerd! We want to head up to that area sometime early this beautiful. The boys will do wonderfully, I'm sure. I'll be saying lots of prayers. :o)

DianeTaylor said...

Prayers sent for you hon. So glad to hear about your fun getaway!

Unknown said...

Adult time is a necessity for ANY relationship and kudos for your mom for encouraging it! My mom does the same and insists on taking Eli and Gabriella often. I get nervous that they won't sleep or will be naughty but she blows me off and says she'll survive. Thank God for wonderful mothers! Have a great time reconnecting with your hubs.

Immortal Beloved said...

Ezra sticking out his tongue is priceless

ashavenue said...

I'm sure the boys will be fine. Hope you are able to relax while you're away, and reconnect with your man. Also, I'm sure the mortgage will all work out. The housing situation is going to all smooth out. I just know it will bc of your faith that the Lord will see you through. Hopefully your week is shaping up to be better than it started!
P.S. That pic of your boys is SO adorable!


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