Three Year Old Soccer

Friday, April 6, 2012

Yesterday, I posted a picture of myself on instagram that probably didn't phase many people at all. For me though, it was very emotionally charged, after finding out about our choices for a three year old soccer program for Isaac.

Here's the picture.

CR representing!

The story behind it really doesn't have much to do with Isaac, at all either, but rather a very competitive soccer player who grew up with a deep love for the colors red, black and white. This love was fierce, even though I went to a private school and a practical gag reflex at jerseys in the color blue.
Picture 72182

You can just imagine my disdain yesterday when my futile searches for a 3 year old summer soccer program for Isaac only turned up one option.

It's not even that I want Isaac to play for Coon Rapids, not that at all, my first choices were all in our surrounding cities . . . but to actually choose Blaine? I feel as though I'm knowingly sinning.

How could this girl, driving my Mom's convertible for an evening of chilly car tag |yikes, please don't ever do this boys!| with Kier, Nancy and Erin, choose Blaine?
Picture 173

It seriously makes my head spin! Ultimately, I decided to leave the choice up to Isaac, as there was also a T-Ball Parent/Child program. My thought was that he could do the T-Ball program, skipping the 3 year old soccer program. T-Ball, psh, who cares? It's the idea of my little kiddo in the Blaine soccer t-shirt that breaks my heart.

And so last night at dinner, I asked.

Me: Isaac, do you want to play soccer or [pause for dramatic effect] T-BALL?
Isaac: [without so much as a second delay] SOCCER!

Que, me, crying.

This high school girl would punch me in the face right now.
Picture 156


AJ said...

:) I know that once you see the joy in his little face as he plays, you will forget about the colors. Maybe his team will have red shirts? ;)

Kier said...

We should play car tag the next time our group is together...! :)

I totally understand your feelings on this one...ugh.

When I think of Blaine, I think of the following cheer (why is this the only one I can think of??):

Pork chop pork chop greasy greasy Bengal girls are....

Unknown said...

the things that change for our kiddos... I bet you will end the season smiling (secretly) at those colors because of the smiles on his face.

Emily said...

Oh man, so hard. B and I went to rival district high schools - his school excelled at Girl's swimming (my sport) because they were cheaters, my school excelled at Boy's Soccer - B's sport. We excelled without cheating, though.

Obviously, it's still a hot issue at the McKevitt house - we can't discuss high school sports without a very heated discussion. If Thomas went to B's school...oh man, I don't know what I'd do. B tells me I'd get over it and be proud of my kid - we'll see.


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