Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac Levi!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We last left off here, celebrating your 2nd birthday. I can't believe that first image is you! The past year has seen some amazing changes, not only physically, but in communication skills too! Actually, your ability to communicate is kind of what causes you the most trouble, while making us fall in love with you even more! Your bigger than life personality, that we now know, just doesn't seem possible to have come from that little toddler.

Isaac, son, we love you. Through thick and thin, and all the trouble and love we'll experience, we love you.

Going through these photo archives, I'm just amazed by you.

While so many things have changed, a few themes have remained constant, like how much you want to be just like your Daddy.

Your need to push the limits and be absolutely hilarious!

And your adoration for your Uncle Levi, who you never recall once calling Uncle Wee Wee.

We hope to have further ingrained you as a lifelong Minnesotan, hooking you on fishing [I couldn't resist, my Mom would be proud].

And Minnesota baseball, even if they aren't much to be proud of right now.

We got to enjoy quality time as our little family of 3, cherishing what remained of your baby-ness.

June was spent relishing your budding relationship with your unborn brother.

And our coping with how much your world was going to be rocked.

We should have never doubted you.

You took to your role as big brother without batting an eye!

With some adjustment, we went on to have one of the best summers, ever.


No, really, I do mean, ever.

You showed yourself to be an amazing big brother. We always had to be careful to keep you from giving Ezra too much love. 20110919_0126


Camping in the backyard with your Daddy probably had to be your highlight though!

The fall saw quite a few firsts for you, like horseback riding!

And an early Christmas present from Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Levi.

You seemed to change before our very eyes.

It was at this point that it didn't even seem like there were limits for you to push, because you certainly didn't regard them! But we tried to laugh with you as much as possible.

Taking your picture with compliance proved more difficult, but this is one of my favorite pictures, annoyed smile and all.

Thankfully, with someone different behind the camera, your willingness to behave improves greatly!

I'm not sure if it's just part of the package, but you certainly were bent on asserting yourself.

And once we said no more diapers, you jumped right into being potty trained without looking back. Hallelujah!

We attempted to go skating for the 2nd time, with mixed results.

You took on swim class and loved it! We were shocked by how well you listened.

We finally got a little bit of snow, just enough to remind us we live in Minnesota.

And we got to go sledding!

Just when the snow melted, I started to realize just how quickly you'd be three.

As mentioned, your personality is bigger than big.

Your love for your brother has not diminished.

You are a crazy, crazy kiddo and we love you for every bit of excitement that you bring to our lives!


Jeannie said...

::sigh:: Your love for your first born radiates so beautifully in this post. I love every word...and every photo.

Happy Birthday Mr. Isaac! I hope you have an amazing day :)

Bekah said...

Ack, crying. This is beautiful! Happy birthday Isaac!!

Unknown said...

So sweet! These babies of ours grow up way to fast. I can't wrap my head around my boy turning 2 in a month so 3 just seems outrageous to me!

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

Julia Goolia said...

Happy Third Birthday, mister Isaac!! I absolutely love watching this little guy grow up because he is just SO adorable, Leah.

Kier said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Isaac!!

kari said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Megan said...

What a sweet boy. I love it all.

Happy Birthday, Isaac. <3

Sara said...

Love this! Happy birthday, Isaac! :)

Jen said...

Happy birthday Isaac! Such a handsome little guy!

Rose said...

What sweet pictures and a sweet boy! Happy Birthday, Isaac!! :o) :o)

Bethany said...

Oh my - look how much he has grown. Such a beautiful boy! You've done good Mama!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

This totally brought tears to my eyes. Love all the pictures. Happy Birthday Isaac!

Meredith said...

Happy birthday to Isaac! I just love his strong personality :) And seriously, I can't believe he's three. I've been reading your blog since BEFORE you were pregnant with him! That's nuts!

Cropped Stories said...

This is such a sweet post! The time goes by too fast, I know. You have some great shots!

Erin said...

Happy birthday Isaac!! So crazy to see all the changes that happened with him over the past year!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!

This post is beautiful Leah.

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