Flirting through Marriage

Friday, April 13, 2012

My plans after work yesterday were coordinating with Tony to have him pick up the boys from my Mom's so that I could get a 5 mile run in. Now that my runs are a little longer, it's nice to do them outside right after work. That way our evening schedule doesn't get too screwed up.

I was reminiscing how Thursday or Friday after work plans used to consist of patio and downtown rooftop happy hours, but I really wouldn't change it for anything! Although the occasional happy hour with Tony and friends would still be nice to indulge in, there is a season for everything and right now, that isn't on the docket.

As I was just a little over a half an hour into my run I saw a couple up ahead of me walking. They looked to be in their late 40's, early 50's and just as they neared what turned out to be their driveway, they both began to quicken their pace until the woman was clearly running. I wasn't sure what was going on while this was happening, but as I neared their house, she walked back down to the mailbox and I saw that she had a huge, beaming smile on her face. She jovially looked up at me, never lessening her smile, and in a true Minnesotan nature said "Oh hello! Dontcha think it's a beautiful night?" I responded that I did and asked her if she beat her husband up the drive, quickly she said "You betcha!"

I just couldn't make this exchange up if I tried and as I continued on, it just made my heart warm to have been witness to what seems like an everyday occurrence in this couple's marriage.

Not three minutes later, as I was still dwelling on the competitive, flirtatious fun, I looked up to pay attention to traffic on my route and saw a glimpse of a vehicle of our make. As it approached, I squinted to make out the letters of the license plate and just as I zeroed in, the car started to slow.

With the window down I got holla'd at by my own husband with an "Owww, owww!" catcall that had me smiling the rest of the way home. I can honestly say that I thanked God with every step for giving me a man of Tony's caliber as my husband.

Turns out there's a bit of flirtatious fun still left in our marriage too. IMG_7742_0014IMG_7776_0048
ps :: Isn't this little park down the road from our house gorgeous?


Faith said...

Sometimes it's so easy to take the simple things for granted. John used to "pick me up for a date" by knocking on the bedroom door. Seems like your funk from a few days ago is clearing. Keep smiling!

Bekah said...

So cute! I have to remind myself to flirt with my husband. It just falls to the wayside with diapers and nursing and bottles and toys and etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for the reminder today!

And yes! Very cute park!

Bethany said...

This made me smile.

& LOVE the park. Fall session?!? ;)

Anonymous said...

Catching up on my blog reader and ran across this post.

So cute. So true. Hopeful to continue that spark in our marriage for years to come. Thanks for sharing.


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