Fantastic, Phenomenal Weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thursday night, after a 5 mile run, Tony, the boys and I met up with Levi to go on a walk at a pretty special park near our house. Levi and I grew up frequenting the Springbrook Nature Center with my Grandma and family, and it then set the scene for a pretty important milestone early on in Levi and Bethany's relationship. We had a little more up our sleeves than just going for a walk while Bethany was at class . . .

Friday night, I met up with two of my close college teammates, Nadia and Cassie. Cassie was going to go down to our alumni game the following day, but unfortunately Nadia and I weren't able to make it, so we made sure to spend some time together! We headed out to Wasabi, just down the street from Nadia's Minneapolis condo and had our fair share of gyoza and sushi. It was great to get some girl gab in and indulge in sushi, as Tony passes on both.
Girls night!Minneapolis.Nadia and Cass! Cheers!Untitled

Saturday morning, I woke up in pretty much the best mood I've had in 2012. I set out to do a family session at the studio with my cousin as a thank you for her watching the boys for three days while my Mom was in Argentina on a missions trip. I cross posted Psalm 118:24 on both my facebook and photo page and then proceeded to leave HeyTell messages for both Tony and Gina of my singing rendition of "This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!" I was so flipping excited and wanted the day to pretty much just speed on by, even though Tony took Isaac turkey scouting with my Dad, Bethany, Levi and I and got to work on Isaac's swingset.
Broke ground to level for the playground!

Because . . . at 3:20ish I was able to settle in to the brush on the hill of a pond, looking like this.
Sniping with my camera! Success!

The camo was necessary to bear witness to one of the most amazing events I've covered, comparable only to attending Randine and AJ's births, as I covertly photographed my brother proposing to Bethany.

So needless to say, it was pretty much an amazing weekend, even if I never ended up getting my long run in.

I could not be more thrilled to welcome Bethany as my soon to be sister-in-law. For so many years, many told Levi that he was too picky in his criteria to date. There were many who tried to set him up resulting in lackluster first dates and his dating life came to pretty much a standstill. He just didn't want to settle to be in a relationship and I supported that decision 100%.

Levi and I at one point had a heart to heart about his dating mindset and he told me that he wanted what Tony and I had, which I'm sure means something different to someone looking in, but of course still made me tear up. I married relatively young and at 24 he'd anticipated being married already and on the way to children in the future, but instead he was not in a relationship. To say that Bethany came in and rocked his world is an understatement. My brother has always had a kind heart, quirky humor and quite the zest for life, but he lost himself a little bit in his early 20's. The smile wasn't as quick, the humor seemed to be censored and stifled. Bethany has brought it all back, and as Levi told me as we looked over the floating bridge where two days later he would propose, she may be just a little bit more weird than him.

From the beginning, I was also drawn to Bethany. I sized her up of course, not just any girl could waltz in and take my brother by storm, and I found her not wanting. I mean that in the best way ever, she was very sweet, but in addition to that I could sense the intelligence and mettle that were just as equal in her make up. These two have shown a maturity and commitment to their relationship from the very beginning and have challenged each other to have a greater understanding of each other.

God has truly blessed them in pairing each other.


Krystie said...

congrats to your brother and what a beautiful moment you captured!

Jill said...

I wondered why you were dressed like that, but now it all makes perfect sense! What a great shot you got! I love it and congrats on a rad SIL - to be.

Love those good mood-sorts-of-days... Glad you had one!

Love the bit about you hey-telling to share in your good mood! Hilarious!

kari said...

Sounds amazing! Congrats to your brother!

W said...

What a sweet, sweet story and so great that you were able to photograph it. And your camouflage outfit is hilarious!

Bekah said...

I love this!!! Congrats to them! and I love your camo!

Jeannie said...

How exciting and fantastic!! Congratulations to your brother and new fiance... And of course to you as well :) How great to have been able to capture such a beautiful moment for them.

Megan said...

Only you could make camo look that pretty!

Congrats again to them. Such an exciting time for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Ack, this made me tear up even though I already knew about it!! Such a sweet post. <3 Congrats again to Levi and Bethany!!

The Sancken's said...

Sorry, this is a bit off topic, but I was wondering where you get your More Milk Plus. I'm needing something to help increase my supply, and the Fenugreek isn't working anymore. I saw in an earlier post that you use the MMP. Thanks!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! I only hope my SIL would have such nice things to say about me :)

What a wonderful weekend!

Leslie G said...

Congrats to them! I can only imagine how emotional you must have felt capturing that on camera.

DianeTaylor said...

How sweet!!! Sometimes you just know when the right two people end up together. The pcis are amazing. Congrats to the happy couple! Gee - I wonder who will photograph their wedding???

Kim said...

What an amazing weekend. The pictures of your brother are amazing! I want to steal your closet, seriously you always look adorable (even in camo)


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