Easter Best :: Seersucker & Gingham Edition

Monday, April 9, 2012

I hope that you all had a phenomenal Easter spent with friends and family! This year shaped up quite oddly for us, as we BBQ'd with my Dad Friday, spent Saturday with my in-laws for Easter and my mother in law's birthday, and brunched with my Mom, Stepdad and Levi on Sunday.

For what it's worth, we do Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts, but omit the Easter Bunny. Growing up, I always just thought the Easter Bunny was a symbol of Easter, because it represented Spring, I never got that the "Easter Bunny came." I don't think this will be as hotly contested as our choices regarding Halloween or Christmas, but thought I'd share.

Isaac loved the indoor Easter egg hunt at my inlaws.

He appreciated Tony's help and gave him a high five.

They even hid a few for Ezra . . . which of course went in his mouth.

Sunday morning, Isaac woke up to find his basket loaded up with Cars 2 Finn McMissile, various treats, a Tonka t-shirt and a Cars headlamp Tony picked up at REI.

After their backyard camping excursion, we knew the headlamp was going to go over well!

At church, we had Communion and it was just the most spirited moment to be walking up to take the bread and "wine" as the lyrics It is written, Chris is risen :: Jesus, you are Lord of all. Whew, still gets me. Such an amazing morning.

After church, our good friend Ben grabbed this family shot for us.

Then later, while Isaac was napping, I got Ezra to show off his new first tooth that made it's appearance last week.

And, finally, the shot that make my teeth hurt from the sweetness.

Because of our relatively free day, Tony went mountain biking with Levi and Ben and I ended up getting a very windy 7 miles in. I'm kicking out a consistent 9:50 or less minute mile and I have to be honest, I kind of want to prove something to myself by beating my previous 1/2 marathon time at my 1/2 in May.

ps :: I made the tie [tutorial here] and the bow tie. Several times I just wanted to give up, but my Mom encouraged me to finish them, because she said it'd be worth it to tell people I made them. And she was right. :)


Emily said...

I just can't get over the cuteness of those boys! Glad you had a fabulous Easter... and great work on the ties ;-)

Little Miss Southern said...

Love these pictures!! The last one is so adorable! What a sweet family!

Bekah said...

that last picture! Oh my gosh the sweetness!

Mrs. Southern said...

Adorable boys in bowties!!

Selidji said...

love the tie and bow tie!!!!

Cropped Stories said...

You did a great job on the bow tie and tie! They ARE seriously sweet! I love the shot of your younger ones little tooth peeking through the gums; how precious!

Leslie G said...

Leah I would die for a shot of both of my kids like that! Anytime I try, Cam wraps his arm too tightly around Kylie, resulting in a picture where he smile and she screams.

Megan said...

Oh sweet friend... great pictures! Jaxon also wore the seersucker stripes but I haven't gotten pictures yet. Hopefully this week!

mamab592011 said...

Love the ties. Did you make the patterns yourself or did you find them somewhere? I've tried a few times to make ties for my little guy but they never seem to turn out right.

Chris and Erica said...

I can't stand the cuteness of this post. You are a lucky mama.

Immortal Beloved said...

yes, the ties are cut, but the boys are cuter


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